Car Talk

Much to nobody’s surprise, I don’t know a lot about cars.

Yes, I’m capable of changing a flat tire and checking my oil. I know how to refill the wiper fluid.

One time, last summer, I even managed to successfully replace the “cabin air filter” in our minivan, a Google-aided, two-day task that had me wondering why the air in the cabin needed to be filtered anyway.

Struggling Real Estate Businesses: How to Improve and Compete with Competitors

If you're a passionate realtor who loves selling homes, it can be pretty devastating to learn that your business is struggling. However, there are many ways you can turn your business around. Following these tips will also allow you to get ahead of the competition and succeed.

1. Customer Service and Professionalism
As a struggling realtor, it may be easy to remain focused on you and how poorly your business is performing. Instead, it's important to change your perspective and focus on the customer and how you can assist them.

How to Get People to Like Prime internet And Digital Marketing Strategies

Everyone surfs the internet. Each potential consumer can research services and product on-line thus on verify the simplest place for them to get their services. If you run a practice, then you may would like a strong on-line and digital selling strategy that may be simply enforced and one which will cause a lot of individuals visiting your web site and your dental clinic.

3 Marketing Tips for Civil Engineering Firms

Civil engineers are trained to work as professionals and not as entrepreneurs. Starting a business gives professionals the freedom to determine their monthly income and working hours. However, civil engineers must go the extra mile and gain entrepreneurial skills to succeed in business. Marketing is critical to business growth and success. Marketing strategies determine the number of customers that a business reaches with its products and services, which in turn influence the level of sales. If you are planning to start or are already running a civil engineering firm, here are some marketing tips that will boost your sales.

How to Know if Your Business is Actually Attractive to Customers

Contrary to popular belief, making sales isn't exclusively about the product or service you are selling. Before you can convert leads into sales, you need to attract customers to your business. Here are four of the top ways for you to make your business attractive to your customers.

Evaluate the Outside of Your Building

If you want customers to even set foot inside your door, you need to know that the outside of your building is well-kept and attractive. If your building is brick, be sure to have it power-washed at least once a year to keep it looking fresh. If it is painted, keep the paint fresh by having it redone every few years or as necessary.

Better Ways to Keep Your Company Blog Up-to-Date

Blogging is an essential part of every online marketing campaign. It helps keep your site fresh with new content and engages potential customers who might be interested in your services. Regardless of importance, many business owners find it difficult to keep their blogs up-to-date with current information from their particular market sector, or simply forget to publish new posts on a regular basis. The following tips will help you keep your company blog up-to-date and your customers happy.

Take Billboard Advertising for Your Small Business to New Heights

How much time and effort did you put in advertising your small business last year?

If the answer is not enough, are you ready to change course this year and down the road?

While many small businesses have found success nationwide over the years, many others struggle for this reason or that. One of those reasons oftentimes is that they are not getting enough publicity.

Improve Your Small Business through Proper Release Management

Every product release demands a set of established actions within a particular business. However, release management is no piece of cake, but a challenging process that requires detailed planning, scheduling and decision making. These factors become even more important in the modern market, highly influenced by the Internet. Because of that, business owners should approach this subject in a committed and dedicated way. Therefore, we’ve analyzed several steps for smooth release management in the modern business environment.

4 Ways Screen Printing Can Bolster Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

Screen printing, often called silk screening, involves blocking out portions of a fine mesh and then laying it over a material like glass or poster board. When ink is forced through (usually by a squeegee), it leaves clear patterns, text, or pictures. Multi-colored images are reproduced with multiple screens. It's a relatively inexpensive process. Here are four ways that screen printing can support small business marketing.

The Benefits of Offering Wi-Fi to Your Customers

At brick-and-mortar food and drink destinations around the world, businesses are now offering free Wi-Fi to their customer due to the numerous benefits that can result from this practice.

According to a survey from Yankee Group and an article from the Los Angeles Times, 96 percent of respondents said they prefer businesses with Wi-Fi, and 64 percent of them reported that they chose to eat at a restaurant based upon whether or not it gave out free Wi-Fi.

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