10 Business Ideas For Young Moms

Having your mom-life and work-life collide is no walk in the park, and people often cannot help but ask, “How do you do it?”. The short answer? Moms get things done. They’re up at stupid o’clock, casting about for lost homework assignments, making and packing school lunches, running errands, and answering e-mails and early phone calls. And that’s before 7 a.m. That’s why they have what it takes for entrepreneurial success. They’re no stranger to juggling roles, they possess grit and perseverance, and they are the masters of problem-solving. If you’re a mom who’s about to roll out her own business, we’ll walk you through 10 business ideas for young moms that could serve as a stepping stone to a future career you hope for.

#1 Start a blog

“Mommy blogging” is no new corner of the internet. But although it may seem a bit too 2000s, the world of “mommy blogs” is making a comeback as more moms are itching to connect and find community. Yes, as we all know, the journey of parenthood can sometimes feel lonely. This is why these blogs have come a long way since low-key home organization guides, cheery amateur photography, treacly prose, craft ideas, and uncomplicated, low-cost recipes.

Nowadays, the content varies widely, with some blogs serving as glossy digital scrapbooks, while others are exploring the thorny aspects of mommy angst, from early pregnancy symptoms to postpartum depression and alarming hues and textures of new-infant poop.

As an aspiring mompreneur, the odds are that you are well-equipped to enter the space and create amazing content for other soon-to-be and new mothers. The benefits are many. Besides serving as an outlet for your own writing interests and creativity and an extensive support network, a blog can also be a lucrative opportunity for those moms who can develop rich and meaningful content, find a name that people will remember for their blog, and figure out how to market their content the right way.

#2 Event planning

Are you a mom who loves to throw parties? If yes, then this may be the perfect career choice for you. In fact, event planning grabs its rightful place on the list of best business ideas for young moms because it pretty much goes hand in hand with motherhood! Both job descriptions require multi-tasking, problem-solving, peace-keeping, time management, and thinking outside the box. So, it should come as no surprise that moms make exceptional event planners; and event planners make great moms.

A degree isn’t necessary to become an event planner, but you will benefit from qualifications and certificates. Investing in specialized training will help you stand out – and get hired! Plus, the events industry is rapidly growing and is expected to continue to grow at a faster-than-average rate of 7% through 2028, which makes it a smart investment.

Creating a colorful portfolio to show off your work will help you get started and get noticed. So, make sure your “after” photos show what makes you unique. Then take your creativity online as well. Tailoring your online presence is crucial for a successful startup. It helps you market your business, get your message out and expand your pool of clients.

#3 Arts and crafts

If you have a knack for hand-carving candles and dipping them with personalized scents, making jewelry, painting, or making kids sweaters in your local knitting club, why not capitalize on your hobby? And with online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, or Amazon, you could easily turn it into a passion for profits.

Selling your special craft or talent is probably the most well-known business route for young moms, and others alike. But what makes it so special? With Computers and AI, production has become a lot faster, affordable, and less error-prone. However, research shows that consumers now long for products that were created by an actual person. This is primarily because they tend to associate handmade goods and crafts with something unique, personal, eco-friendly, and inventive, as opposed to homogenous, “cookie-cutter” items produced by some faceless mega-corporation. In other words, consumers know that makers put all their love into every single one of their products.

But a passionate approach isn’t the only thing you’ll need. You’ll also need to figure out your target audience and how you’ll get the product out in public. For instance, you can use social media, affiliate linking, starting your own website, and using the good old SEO in your blog posts.

#4 Gardening and landscaping

This startup idea lets young moms take their decorating and design skillset outdoors and make money from their green thumb. The herb growing business is one of the fastest-growing industries. Think culinary herbs, herbal teas, medicinal herbs, herbs for aromatherapy and candles, etc. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Also, if you’d like to grow flowers for scenting soaps, candles, and potpourri, you’ll really only need a few feet of growing space and an average-size kitchen with a stove, counter space, and a shelf. Branching off to floral arrangements could also be lucrative. Plus, you can always rely on local inns, churches, hotels, and florists to market your products.

#5 Photography

Do you find yourself pulling out your macro lens during every family event or when viewing a stunning scene in nature? If you’ve got a nice camera and a knack for photography, why not start a photography business?

Of course, it’ll take some time to gain momentum, as well as some know-how and practice to attract clients. Before you start to slowly dip your toe into the market, first take online photography classes. After, start shooting casual family gatherings and neighborhood events to learn the ropes. Running a full-blown photography business can even help you eke out a great living provided you have good business sense, a place to meet clients, and funds to invest in equipment. Still, as a young mom, you might find this career rewarding in terms that it grants flexibility. In other words, you’ll be able to choose which clients and events to take on and work around your own schedule as a busy mom.

#6 Graphic design

Moms in the designer field are also shaking things up. If you’ve got skills in graphic design, or you’re an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, the chances are that you’ll do well as a freelance graphic designer. You can design anything from:

●  birthday invites

●  baby shower invites

●  checklists

●  schedules

●  brochures

●  company logos

●  infographics

●  printables of all sorts.

You don’t need any experience, just a bit of creativity and a keen eye for detail. With free online design tools such as Canva, Design Wizard, Piktochart, Visme, and others, the only thing left to do is dive in and play! Also, the process is relatively simple. Decide what you’d like to design, create the product, and then upload the finished product to the online marketplace. That’s it! The best thing about it? The products you create are digital downloads. What does this mean? In a nutshell, you’ll need to put in the time to design a product only once. Then, you can sell it over and over.

Not having to think about stocking an inventory will leave more room to focus on your kids and housework, which is another benefit of this line of work. It will also help you find time to take care of yourself, which is equally important. Exercise will not only give you an energy boost that’ll help you through a busy week but will also enhance your health and help you feel much better about yourself.

#7 Culinary business

Can you rustle up a dish from scratch? Are you the one people always come to for cooking tips? Are you confident whipping up a dish on a whim? Are cookbooks overflowing your kitchen counter? Do your kids always clean their plates? Even the veggies? Then you must be a bit of a whizz in the kitchen.

Have you considered rolling out a culinary business? Luckily, the demand for this line of business will always be high as long as there are still people who need to eat. Stay-at-home moms may want to consider working as a personal chef or cooking/baking at home and then selling their goods to local stores. In case cooking for a crowd is more your cup of tea, you could try your hand at catering.

#8 Accounting, tax preparation, or bookkeeping

The best business idea for young mothers who are in the accounting and tax preparation industry? Having their home be their accounting office. The truth is that businesses can always use some extra assistance. So why not make it your business to help them?

As a parent, you’ll have to juggle your responsibilities quite a bit. With this in mind, you can decide to visit your clients at their location when your own schedule permits. As far as the rest of the heavy lifting is concerned, you can do it on your own schedule at home. The virtual accounting industry is another possibility for young moms who need to work from home. This way, your services will be completely online.

#9 Gift basket-making business

Holidays, baby showers, birthdays, corporate parties… - gift baskets are perfect for almost any occasion, mainly because they can be tailored to suit anyone’s taste. A flair for creativity, a niche, a solid business and marketing plan, and as little as a few thousand dollars are all you need to launch a successful business.


Caption: Gift baskets make a perfect gift for virtually anyone.
Alt-text: A close-up of a gift basket.

If you’re looking to start an online gift basket store, you’ll need to invest in:

●  A quality website and eCommerce platform;

●  Online marketing;

●  Gift basket supplies;

●  And shipping tools.

#10 Professional cleaner/organizer

Just like the gift basket business, being a professional organizer is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. At least not when you’re trying hard to think of some business ideas for young moms. But answer this: Do you take pride in your home that’s always squeaky-clean and perfectly organized? Do you find cleaning and organizing therapeutic? Do you often finish your cleaning sessions thinking: “I should be charging for this”? If yes, then you really should be charging for it. A cleaning and organizing business is a great home business choice. The market is stable, and service is ongoing. Not to mention that you’ve got the benefit of flexible scheduling.  


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