10 Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth

Business is like a war or a strategy game where you need to be skillful in your thoughts, have the right strategies, plan, and tactic to stay alive and rise above your competitors. 


After setting up a business and decking it up with all the necessary resources, the next requirement is to build a strong market presence to keep it growing. When we apply the right marketing strategies, we will gradually grow towards attaining the level of entrepreneurial leadership. Here are the best marketing strategies to boost your business growth.

SEO Marketing

Online buyers key in specific words, also known as keywords, in their browsers, when searching for a specific good or service. Once the keyword is typed, the search engine will search for the specific word and every word closely related to the one that was keyed in. 


When you are strategically marketing, it is important you supply information that captures the main words that your potential clients could be looking for when online. If you are selling speakers, include words like best speakers, latest speakers, powerful, strong, speakers for laptops, and so on. That way, your potential clients will notice you exist and give your business.



Blogs play a significant role in improving your businesses’ presence on the internet, though it may present a significant challenge initially. The best way to beat this is to post on other blogs that allow guest posting, which gives you the advantage of reaching millions. 


It is worth noting that you must provide value in your posts but not just posting a marketing list. You can write clickable articles or provide advice and solutions to potential clients in your niche and post frequently in a strategist way. When online shoppers notice your value-added information, they will be interested in your products. 


Make use of market influencers

Influencers are powerful client magnets to any business when utilized correctly. The correct method to utilize them is to check out which influencer is the best fit for your business. For example, female social influencer media will be fit for marketing ladies’ products. 

As mentioned on marketing assignment help and professional writing services, once you identify the right influencer, contact them, and first agree on compensation and what strategy to venture into. If it’s an influencer on TikTok, short videos will perfectly work. The secret behind influencer marketing is to identify your niche, get the right influencer, negotiate the terms, prepare the advert, and launch. Remember to find a way of tracking the progress and conversion rate. 


Agency marketing

Marketing agencies help businesses implement their laid down strategies, improve on them, and evaluate results. They utilize various vehicles to achieve their goal. When there is a need for dynamite power in your enterprise, agency marketers top the list. 


Most agencies charge per hour though there might be a need to negotiate your way and obtain a favorable charging mode. They will help prepare your ad and post it on different platforms like Google ads, blogs, social media, affiliate marketers, YouTube, and so on. The advantage with them is that they track your progress and help improve or adjust where necessary. 


Post ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you wide options for marketing your business. The best option is where you write articles on LinkedIn and publish them to gain followers. LinkedIn also allows you to get links to your articles so that you can share them widely on other platforms. If you optimize your article well, it will give you leads that are likely to convert. 


The other options available are paid ads, messaging and texting. The advantage you get with LinkedIn is that it has targeted marketing where you check members' profiles and message the details of your products or services. However, this service should not be misused, otherwise, you may drive your potential clients away instead of pulling them into your business. 


Run ads on Google

Advertising on Google is useful for geo-targeted marketing. When you type the word you are targeting, google gives you specific demographic info that could help you reach your potential customers


Another way to get the best results on clicks is to use keywords that a majority of people search for. Each click is paid for and those words that are used more often get a higher price tag. There will be no cause of alarm if the profits exceed expenses. 


Email marketing

Although emails might be considered an old marketing strategy, it still yields a strong influence on today’s marketing strategies. Look for a specific audience and send them emails with targeted marketing messages. When done well, there are high chances of getting relevant leads. 


The wisest way to do this is by sending periodic emails with how to do articles, trending news posts, and more. Each article may include a call to action tag or a suggestion to seek more information. Included in this strategy are SMS marketing and telephone calls. In case you are short of an email list, you can use available tools for targeted email addresses. 


Dive into social media

Social media users globally are growing very fast and are currently approximated at close to 4.4 billion users by the year 2025. In the USA alone, over 250 million people using social media, and increasing daily like a wildfire. The right way is to target such an enormous market base. 


The most workable way of marketing is to use social platforms, including Twitter, with about 30 million active accounts in America, Facebook used by 74% of US users daily and other major platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more. Also, be sure you read and understand their terms of use and doing a market survey before posting your ads to get maximum results.


Use videos

Currently, videos are gaining popularity as more people continue to look for visual information on many issues. Although visual marketing has been utilized on television for decades, technology is drastically changing its use. 


Incorporate videos in your marketing strategy in a way that they target certain demographics. Videos may work better with clients below 35 because they tend to be more active on video messages. You can post your videos on YouTube and other platforms that allow uploading of visual content. The videos must be quality and to the point, which calls for high-level creativity.


Retarget your ads

Ads can give you good leads and a valuable email data bank. You create your lists using your available contacts and segment the ads accordingly. Then, using your destination URL as the lead vehicle, you post it on various platforms. With it, once a visitor who had previously visited a different page, visits the platform where you post the link and they get redirected back to your website. 


The top advantages you receive from retargeting are increased product awareness, an increase in sales generation, receiving feedback in a better way from visitors, and staying updated on online marketing trends. 



The life of every business is in its customers. Although the old business style dictates that we focus on processes and investing in systems, the digital era calls for an entrepreneurial spirit that focuses on trending strategies, like increasing online presence and staying on target. When we utilize the available platforms wisely, the profitable benefits will come to us in a resounding effect, and we will become excellent market influencers.


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