10 Ways to Lose the Sale

Remember the old saying “Good Salesmen are Born”.  Well, anyone can become a good salesperson if they can learn and master the basic sales skills.  Sales techniques have dramatically changed over the years.  Gone are the old school selling methods of talking incessantly and pushing a customer into a sale. 

Selling now involves listening to a customer, making a connection and giving the customer what they need.  Today’s skilled salespeople are self-confident, persuasive, attentive and able to build relationships of trust and respect with the customer.

There are many closing techniques that can be used to make the sale but watch out for the ten sales blunders listed below:

1. Talking Too Much – When trying to make a sale, you need to offer relevant information to the prospect.  You also need to find out what it is they need.  Asking questions and giving the customer plenty of time to answer is a good way to do this and avoid talking too much.  Incessant chattering about the weather, your sales skills, sports or any other irrelevant topic will only leave the prospect confused and disillusioned.  By talking too much about too little, you will most likely lose the sale and the customer.

2. Not Listening to the Customer – Many sales people will be so focused on making the sale, they fail to really listen to what the customers say and need.  You must focus on the customer’s needs so you can find a solution for them.  Ask them questions and listen intently to how they respond so you can identify and fulfill their needs.

3. Immediately Going for the Sale – Do not jump right into the sale.  Take the time to connect and establish a relationship with the prospect.  Let the customer know what your product can do for them and how it can solve their problem.  Show them you are interested in more than just making the sale. 

4.  Not Being Prepared – Never meet with a customer unless you are prepared to do so.  Do your research.  Learn as much as you can about your prospect before meeting with them or talking to them.  Know what they need and what you can do to make their life easier.  You want to be able to offer them a solution right away.  Being properly prepared can make a big impression on your prospect and lead to sales.

5.  Not Being in Control – Leading the sales process is very important.  You will need to keep the conversation under your control.  One way to do this is by asking questions.  But you need to ask the right questions.  Get the information you need from the prospect so you know if your product or service will satisfy their needs.  You can then explain to them how you are going to solve their problems.  You want the customer to feel confident that you know what you are doing and what you are talking about.   Being in control of the conversation will do just that.

6.  Not Knowing Your Product – Not learning everything you possibly can about the products you sell is a definite mistake.  When making a sale, you need to educate people on how your product will benefit them and if you don’t know, you will definitely lose the sale. 

7. Not Asking Questions – By asking questions, not only will you learn vital information about your prospect, but you will begin to make a connection and start building that all-important relationship. 

8.  Not Following Up – Life would be much easier if we could all make the sale in one meeting or one phone call or one email but a lot of the time, it just doesn’t happen.  If the sale does not happen right away, be sure to follow up with the prospect.  Keep in touch so that when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

9.  Not Focusing – Always be attentive to your prospect and make them feel important.  If you are fidgeting, looking around the room or appearing to be distracted, the customer will feel ignored and unimportant.  This will surely lead to a lost sale.   Always make direct eye contact, focus on the customer and every word that they say so you can deal with their needs.

10.  Not Closing the Sale – Ask for the sale but do it in a non-aggressive manner.  You do not want to come off as pushy or threatening in any way.  Customers sometimes just need a small nudge in order to make a final decision.   Don’t leave the customer just thinking about it.  Ask for and get a commitment!

Sales can be tough so you need to learn the process of how to build relationships, how to talk to people correctly, use proper body language and be prepared.  Be self-confident, persuasive and respectful and don’t make the above blunders.  If you can learn these skills, you can be a good salesperson!

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