10th Grant Semi-finalists in a Tight Competition. Preliminary Voting Results Revealed

Voting for deciding the finalists for the Tenth Idea Cafe Small Business Grant is in full swing. We have received a significant number of votes and the numbers are suggesting the finalists. But nothing is decided at this point. There is still time until November 1st for the overall picture to change. Visit the voting page (free registration required), and vote for the company you want to see at the finals!

For those of you, who are curious see the current distribution of the votes, we have prepared the bar chart below.

Preliminary voting results as of October 11th.
Please note that the semi-finalists who received less than 1% of the total number of votes are not presented in the chart.

The results show that the semi-finalists holding the leading ten positions are in a tight competition with very close percentages. So your vote can definitely make a difference.

You still have time until the 1st of November when the poll will be closed. Use your chance to support your favorite business idea. And, if you really want your small business "idol" to be a finalist, you can encourage your friends, clients and colleagues to add their votes to yours. Note: only one vote per Regular!

Presently, Idea Cafe's team is publishing online interviews with the semi-finalists. To learn more about the competing business ideas, you can browse the Idea Cafe blog and read the semi-finalists' Q&As.


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