2018’s In-Demand Business Ideas by Country

The business market, as any other, is, of course, susceptible to trends. What may have been in-demand a couple of years ago, might be completely unpopular today. In order to be successful, a businessperson needs to follow the direction the market is moving in. Of course, despite the fact that the internet is doing wonders for world-wide globalization, in-demand businesses vary from country to country.


The food business is perhaps the most lucrative (and risky) line of business a Brit can get into. Well, the population of England isn’t all about fish & chips (although this remains a popular junk food). England is a busy country; people hardly have the time to eat properly during the day, which is exactly why eating at night is becoming increasingly popular. Additionally, Indian street food is a tasty option for work breaks. Of course, the world is moving towards healthy eating habits, and England is no exception, so this niche might be a particularly great idea to get you started.
If you’re aiming at the service industry, the safest bet in this country is the alcohol business; there’s a pub around every corner in Britain.


On the opposite side of the world, Australia is teeming with business opportunities! There are many interesting business ideas to get into here, as it’s a booming market. First of all, the Land Down Under is fantastic for rental businesses. In addition to the fact that many other businesses will potentially be outsourcing your services, you can get into vehicle renting, which is one of the best seasonal businesses when it comes to summer (tourism). Of course, the number of online business opportunities is vast and they usually require just a small bit of capital, a little space at home and an awesome business and financial plan. Although Aussie taxes aren’t as crazy as they are in the US, you’re still going to need help here, especially in large cities. For instance, hiring a tax accountant in Sydney pretty much goes without saying, any Aussie entrepreneur will tell you that.


There’s always something cooking in the Land of the Rising Sun, especially when it comes to business. Business opportunities in Japan primarily revolve around advanced technology. With all the corporations taking the tech spotlight, it would be useful for you to know what ventures exist, as this can help you come up with a successful idea. For instance, Susmed (short for Sustainable Medicine) is currently working towards solving insomnia. How does technology help here? Well, Susmed’s medical app relies on user data and puts it through an algorithm that provides advice for insomnia.
Another clever idea comes from Studio Ousia, a startup that specializes in natural language processing products.


Across the pond from Japan lies China, a country that has experienced tremendous growth as of recently. Although this might be frustrating for a ton of foreign entrepreneurs, China can really take pride in the awesome success that has been taking place over the last three decades. Here’s a list of cool fields to get into in China: online raffles, online trading, investment funds, business data, data analytics, independent film distribution, online expat training, solar energy, tidal energy, craft beer and many others!


Canada is among the most stable countries for new businesses and, as such, is the perfect basis for startups - endeavors that are inherently risky. Here are some cool business ideas for the Canadian market: equipment leasing, freight brokerage, transportation, business plan services, event planning, interior decoration, copy writing, personal training, wedding planning, etc. If you’re lucky enough to have an opportunity to start a business in Canada, enjoy it!

We hope that this list of in-demand business ideas for 2018 by country helps you reach success with your endeavor. Keep in mind that no matter whether you are in England, Australia, Japan, China or Canada, there is a place under the sun for you when it comes to business.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a business coach. She is interested in topics related to marketing and advertising.


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