3 Budget-Friendly Office Decor Ideas

A well-decorated office isn't just for show. Studies have found that beautiful decor in the workplace increases employee productivity and job satisfaction. For instance, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology found a direct relationship between office design and productivity, and the American Society of Interior Designers supports the idea that an aesthetically appealing workplace is the key to efficiency. So, to turn your office space from drab to fab, check out these easy, low-cost decor solutions.

Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors

A study by the University of Queensland's School of Psychology found that plants in the office can increase productivity by an impressive 15 percent. The research team concluded that investing in greenery improved workplace satisfaction, employee concentration and perceived air quality. To get these results, add a touch of the outdoors with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a seasonal plant arrangement. This decor solution is ideal for those who aren't able to make drastic changes to a workplace's appearance due to budget constraints or building regulations.

Additionally, you can take this idea further by playing nature sounds throughout the day. Noisli is a great background noise alternative with rain, thunder, wind and bird sounds. Keep the sound level low to avoid disrupting your employees.

Always Opt for Natural Lighting

According to Midway Research Institute, occupants in daylit office buildings reported an increase in general well-being. Benefits of natural lighting in the office include better health, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, financial savings and preference of workers. This means that allowing natural light to shine into the workplace keeps employees happy and healthy. If possible, move desks closer to windows and skylights, and keep the windows clean to allow plenty of sunlight to stream in. Another option, for those not keen on direct exposure to the sun, is to use Venetian blinds to control the amount of light that enters a room.

Windowless offices can avoid the negative effects of artificial light by opting for indirect lighting that bounces off the ceiling or wall, suggests Mashable. Additionally, you should regularly check fluorescent lighting fixtures for any flickers because this can cause eye strain and reduce work performance, states Healthy Computing.

Nix Open Floor Plans

Open office floor plans have been widely popular recently. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that communal workplaces are strongly disliked. Since a lack of privacy and high noise level can significantly impact productivity levels, it's easy to see why employees aren't too fond of this new interior design trend.

Another concern is the spread of disease. Employees working in open office floor plans have higher chances of getting sick, reports a recent survey in PubMed. And, as you probably already know, a half empty office severely impacts productivity.

If your company has opted for an open floor plan, make sure to create a space where workers can get away from the hubbub. A possible solution is high alcove sofas, which provide a quiet place with little to no visual distractions, says Forbes. Plus, having a designated quiet space offers the more introverted individuals in your team a way to recharge.


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