3 Creative Ways To Advertise Your Business For Free

Advertising is a critical component of every business. Your success or failure as a business owner depends greatly on how well you market your product. While the best option to get new customers is definitely through word of mouth, it is not an effective channel all the time; especially when you have just started out and you do not have too many customers to help you find referrals.

Fortunately, not all advertising ideas require huge investments. Here are five really creative ways in which you can advertise your business for free (or cheap).

Give Out Freebies With An Advertising Message

Do you have a very local clientele? Then, doling out freebies in the neighborhood is a great way to promote your business. But how do you ensure that people consuming your freebies are actually made aware of the sponsor? When Emily Coppola launched her chocolate store, she did something really creative. She gave away chocolate lollipops that had information about her new store inside the chocolate. “Children who enjoyed our free chocolate lollipops were really excited to find information about our store when they finished eating it. I am not sure if this trick would have worked if we had targeted the adults since older people do not take it too kindly when we have an advertising message inside something that they eat”.

Target The Bored Traveller

A lot of small businesses use their cars and trucks as billboards to advertise. But the trouble with most of these is that the message and contact numbers are published across the sides of the car that makes it hard to be noticed when the car is being driven across the street. A better way to advertise is to use the rear-side window of your car to promote your message. Carl Schmidt owns a Fiat 500 and has effectively used it as a medium to promote his internet radio station. Schmidt says, “people waiting in traffic are bored. I drive during peak times mainly to get the word about my radio station. I’ve also received a lot of compliments from fellow travellers after they switch to my station and like what I do.”

Free Workshops

People love free. But many times, freebies tend to get lost among people who may not be your targeted customers. It’s for this reason that workshops are an extremely wonderful way to find targeted customers for free. Attending workshops require an investment in time. And unless it’s a targeted customer who may be interested in the industry you operate in, they may not be willing to spend this time. By offering it for free, you are able to reach out to a targeted niche of customers who may be willing to buy your product. Also, by collecting details about your audience, you may be able to grow an email list that can be used to market your product further.

What other creative ways have you advertised your business? Tell us in the comments.

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Trott advises small businesses on their market go-to strategy. He may be reached at [email protected]


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