3 Office Maintenance Tips for Business Owners

You spend 30-plus hours a week at your office, and you have a small team managing a range of tasks and paperwork. It’s no surprise that by the end of the week, you’re struggling to find your car keys under stacks of files when it’s time to go home. A well-maintained office makes for an increased focus, but who has time to de-clutter with your workload?

Cleaning and de-cluttering the space allows you to work harder while you work smarter. It also leads to an impression that you’re on top of things when a client makes an impromptu visit to your establishment. Who wants to make them wait while you attempt to get the pesky cockroach out of sight or shuffle through piles of paper to find the one report they need? Here are 3 tips to help you get started.


1. Keep The Environment Clean & Healthy 

Even if you’re keeping a close eye on the janitor’s performance, dust can pile up. Also, it can be difficult to identify cracks and holes that have become the gateway for pests to enter. To address these challenges, be proactive with cleaning supplies. For example, keeping disinfectant wipes is a convenient way to sanitize workspaces. For pests, you can identify and address problem areas, like trash cans and bathrooms. If you’re short on time, Moxie Pest Control and other similar companies can step in to keep the pests from invading your building. These professionals are usually aware of the areas that need inspection, so they’ll save you time, time that you might have to spend battling an army of ants, rodents, and cockroaches if you do things on your own.  


2. Try De-Cluttering

Before anything else, try de-cluttering your office. Sure, it’s difficult to part ways with all the collectibles and promotional freebies you’ve acquired over time. However, try and reduce it to things that are valuable like prizes, awards and things that’d benefit your company in the future. Another thing you can do is not print or keep what’s not essential and recycle paper where possible. Using digital copies and scanning paper will not only reduce the quantity of paper that needs to be managed, it’ll also make it easier to access corporate content on-the-go. 


3. Put an End to Eating at Desks

Eating at work desk is a bad habit that several of us are guilty of. This act can lead to a mess of stickiness and morsels all over the work area. A key to putting an end to this practice is to have a designated area where everyone can eat and converse. By doing so, you’ll reduce desks dirt while offering your co-workers/employees a gathering place to de-stress. Additionally, a designated meal spot is ideal for employee well-being and corporate culture. Remind everyone that eating in the designated area helps raise overall productivity and that is in everyone’s best interest to participate. At the end of the month, you can give the team or person with the most visits to the area free donuts or another free meal on Monday morning. 

Having a clutter-free workspace while trying to maintain an office is easier than it seems. If you follow the above advice you will be able to get things done and still keep a healthy office.

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Amanda Green is a site contributor that often writes on personal finance, marketing and business. In her free time she enjoys reading and playing volleyball with family and friends. Her work may also be found on http://www.paidtwice.com


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