3 Ways to Grow your Small Business

The number one way to grow your business is to expand the customer base and increase the number of overall clients or customers that you have access to, and that know about your product. This is generally what most businesses will focus on as they try to increase revenue, as it is from the customers that the business will get its revenue. There are some guaranteed means of increasing your customer base, and the three mentioned below are proven to have a direct impact on the number of customers that are aware of the business and interested in buying its service or product.

1. Expand the current offer, have add ons

Growing your customer base by improving the products or services you offer is the first step to take to grow the business. The easiest ways to do this are to upgrade the product, to cross-sell, or to add on to the existing product or service.

Upgrading the product will entail offering a better version of the current product or service. There is no need to reinvent the product. Your customers are happy with the service or product, and all the business needs is to tweak it slightly to have an improvement or differentiate it from the original product.

Cross-selling of your products means offering a product that complements the original or existing products. It must link to the existing product and enhance functionality which will encourage customers to purchase the two products together.

Lastly, the business can and should add to the existing product. This is where additional functionality or features are added to the existing product or service and this will differentiate the product or service that your business offers from others out there.

2. Follow trends

History has shown that companies that are not able to adapt to their environments do not last. The business environment and customer needs and wants are in constant flux, and a good entrepreneur knows how to follow what is trending in their sector to stay ahead of their competitors. If you are not able to set the trends to keep your customers coming back for more, then you need to follow the existing trends in the sector. This will serve to keep your existing customers but also to grow the customer base as additional clients look to your products as trending.

Read industry publications and follow the key influencers to keep abreast of what’s hot in your sector. The business must also pay attention to your competitors. You need to know what they are doing so that you can stay one step ahead. Lastly, in relation to the trends you need to be aware of, your customers will know best, so keep in communication with them. Ask them what they want directly, and then try to meet these needs.

3. Diversify your marketing channels

Communicate your special offers using all the options available to you.  The latest trend in marketing is to interact and engage with clients and customers where they spend their time. Rather than having one message plastered on a billboard, the aim is to have a variety of messages aimed at the various sectors of your client base and to use what they use to engage with them. Your business will thus have to know your customers well and also know where to find additional customers. Gathering information on your customers will be vital for this process and should be done throughout the buyers’ journey in a manner that is not obtrusive and is in line with data protection and safety of information.

Communicating with your customer base is critical if you are to keep them linked and interested in the business offerings. Using the internet as your main means of communication and then adding to this with texting services for your business can boost customer interaction and will allow you to reach as wide a customer base as possible.

These are simple, doable ways for you to grow your business and ensure that you maximize the opportunities available to you. Your customers are the main source of revenue for the business, and as such, it would make sense for this to be your first port of call if you are looking to increase revenue and sales. Focus on what the customer wants and then provide this in a form that is better and more professional than your competitors.


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