3 Ways to Prepare For Growth

Every business owner asks for growth, but when it comes, few are prepared to receive it. The greatest gift you can give yourself, as a business owner is being willing to be aware of the future. Not by getting endless psychic readings, but by communicating closely with your business and being acutely aware of what it will require next. You will be the greatest bottleneck in your business if you aren’t willing to be curious, flexible and ahead of today’s challenges.

Having grown my business from nothing into a globally successful company, here are three key strategies I continually use to keep expanding everything with ease.

1. Make Competition Irrelevant

My target is always to put forth the business and myself to be as different as we are. Our focus is contribution, not competition and we give little energy or attention to what other people in the self-help and consciousness industry are doing. Instead of making it all about your competition, ask yourself and your team: “What will it take to out-create ourselves today?” 

You’ll recognize the ideas that are really different when you can’t see anyone else doing it your way and people start talking about what you are doing. Don’t hide! Celebrate! And continue to out-create. Even if it feels uncomfortable - what if this is how sustainable growth begins?

2. Add Systems That Can Grow With You

Whenever you add a new system, ensure it is flexible and can grow with you as you create the business that is inspired by your vision. When you add people, create systems that invite people to contribute as much (and more!) to the business as when there were only three of you doing everything! 

Most businesses create structures that stifle the contribution the people in the business can be. What can be different about your system that allows every person to be a greater contribution than his or her job description suggests? What would it be like if you allowed people to create their own job descriptions so they could do the things they are best at? Innovative systems out-create traditional ways of doing business that just don’t work anymore.

3. Don’t Be Vested In The Outcome

Most businesses get obsessed by their plans and target during their growth phases. And they create to their predicted outcomes instead of looking at what is truly possible. I’ve never had a plan for Access Consciousness®, but we have invited massive growth by always asking for more possibilities to become available. 

If you didn’t have your current plans, what else could be possible? If growth isn’t showing up how you imagined it would, don’t refuse what IS possible! It may lead you far beyond where you are asking to go. Business growth is an adventure, not a series of deadlines and objectives to be achieved at any cost.

Lastly, allow the space to grow - as a person and as a business. If you didn’t judge any of your choices but just kept moving forward… what would that create? 

About the author

Bestselling author, international speaker and business innovator, Gary Douglas has become an internationally recognized thought leader, transforming thousands of lives across the world. He empowers people to see different possibilities and to recognize what is truly possible for them. Douglas is acknowledged worldwide for his unique perspectives on personal transformation that are unlike anything else in the world. He is  not aligned with any particular religion or tradition. The Access tools are now offered in 173 countries and have been translated into 30 languages. Visit www.accessconcsiousness.com to learn more.


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