4 Basics You Should Know About Mobile Commerce

A recent study has shown that banking and finance industries feel that mobile commerce offers significant benefits to every business and company. The concept that previously was known only to benefit the western countries, has now reached Asian countries that include India, Japan, China and Sri Lanka. More and more companies in India should develop strategies to promote mobile commerce to create opportunities and trends in the industry and society. For the advancement, it is highly important to highlight mobile commerce in every manner possible. The developers of the industry have long back started developing mobile apps to help companies provide mCommerce services. Companies are actually adding value to them, by offering mCommerce services to people.

However, there are still several companies who are not yet aware of the concept of mobile commerce. And even if they are, the concept is not clear enough to boost them to offer mCommerce services. In, fact some companies often don't pay heed to the basics of mobile commerce, what it is, how it benefits and the rules to be kept in mind while marketing on mobile.

Here are four basics that every one - from CEOs to marketers, should know about mobile commerce:

1. Don't underestimate your buyers. Remember, nowadays, with the increasing trends in smartphones, maximum number of people, be it top notch clients or customers, prefer to buy from their smartphones to shopping offline. Now, if you are a mobile commerce service provider, you can have an advantage here. You can easily offer services with popular mobile applications that help customers conveniently shop and make payments online.

2. Big companies are offering customers the convenience of mobile payments. What's stopping you? By providing mobile payment services, you are doing your company a great favor. This is because you are able to increase your sales, profits and ROI.

3. It is very essential that you pay great attention to the privacy and time of your customers. Your customers should not feel that they are being disturbed when they don't want to be at all. When you are offering mobile commerce services, it is important that you give your customers the necessary space.

4. Limit the mobile advertising. Even though you find innumerable people on glued on their cell phones all the time, they would not really entertain too many ads spamming their inbox.

Mobile commerce offers a world of opportunities, but only when you work towards it. The above points will help you be aware of the basics.

About the author

Sally Bretton has authored several articles about mobile commerce. She is an e-commerce service provider, who works with a number of reputed companies of the industry.


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