4 Major Ways Technology has Changed Business for the Better

The Internet has completely transformed our world on personal and professional levels, and has shaped many commercial sectors. Technological advancements in hardware and software have reinvented old businesses and dying industries. Innovation is an important factor in terms of growth, because with innovation comes improved processes and reduced efficiencies, as well as a global connection and communication availability.

On a macro level, everything as the baby boomer generation knew on this planet has changed somehow with the innovations of technology. On a micro level, every commercial industry has been affected in ways that are widely regarded as positive, although there are a few negatives. Here are the ways technology has changed how you operate your business.


1. Global access

The biggest and most obvious overhaul is the fact that any business can communicate and work with any other business or person from almost anywhere on the planet. The open channels on the Internet made it possible to communicate around the globe, work remotely and hire remote workers, receive and ship product to other countries, advertise globally, and open new locations in many different cities or countries. The world has become a lot smaller since the Internet allowed everyone to access whatever and wherever they wanted.


2. Improved customer service

A brand or business is always available to chat with customers on almost any platform. Businesses have adopted social media as a main advertising platform, and with it came the easy access to customer service representatives to help solve your issue. You can reach out on Facebook or Instagram in private chats to get assistance, or go more public on Twitter by calling them out in front of thousands, or even millions, of eyeballs. Some companies have a 24-hour live chat on their website, so no matter when you’re experiencing a problem, you can have it resolved online.


The spread of customer satisfaction surveys has helped gauge how customers feel about their purchasing experience, new product launch, or overall opinion of the brand. Since many offer some kind of monetary reward for completing, many more people are doing online surveys—rather than the old fashioned over-the-phone surveys—and giving the company insights into their customer base and their needs. If your company chooses to go this route, use it sparingly and make sure you’re not pushing out too many surveys and end up annoying your customers.


Staffing the right candidate

Automated processes are hugely beneficial for tasks that are time-consuming. One example is finding the right candidate for an available role, weeding out the ones that aren’t the right fit or don’t have the proper qualifications, and ensuring new hires are on-boarded properly. Talent acquisition software and human resources software are excellent time savers that allow your current employees more time to focus on other, important projects or tasks.


Making informed decisions

There are a number of comparison websites whose sole purpose is to compare prices from different providers and let you know which ones are offering the best price. From car insurance comparison, to business energy comparison websites, to hotel prices, you can make sure you know what your service provider charges, what their competitors charge, and ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck when choosing a company.


Innovation doesn’t happen overnight, and larger companies are notoriously slow to adapt, but technological advancements in commercial business truly is changing the entire game. Opportunities that were never available before have sprung up, and new methods and processes have replaced the old, outdated ones to improve on performance, productivity, and solve problems unique to each industry. This is how society grows and solves problems, some decades old, which benefit each and every person.


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