4 Strategies to Help You Think Bigger & Take Your Business to New Heights

As a business owner, you have to constantly be on the lookout for ways to make your company better. If you are content where you are, a competitor is going to take your customers away from you eventually. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can be proactive about creating new products or services that your patrons will love.

Find Ways to Increase Sales

An easy way to grow your company is to increase the amount of money that is made per transaction. In some cases, this may be done by bundling related products together or by offering incentives for customers to buy items in larger quantities. For example, coffee shops may offer the extra-large cup of coffee for $1 more than the large cup.

This small difference in price represents a value to customers while also allowing a business to profit on an item that has higher margins. If you were running a coffee shop, you could offer cookies, cakes or sandwiches with a coffee to increase sales. Those who sell video game consoles may offer bundles including a control and games in addition to the console itself.

Find Ways to Make Your People Happy

When your people are happy, they are more likely to be productive and act as good ambassadors for your brand. They may also be more likely to buy your products or use your services over those offered by the competition. If workers can get their friends or family members to switch to your brand, that can lead to additional revenues and positive word of mouth from those new converts. Keeping your workers happy may also result in less turnover, which keeps hiring and other labor costs to a minimum.

Have a Vision and See It Through

Companies like ASEA and others who are successful in what they do and want to impact the world around them have a vision and execute it despite any hurdles that are encountered. By having a desire to accomplish a goal and the dedication to see it through, you will be seen as a good leader and steward for your brand.

Ultimately, this will inspire confidence in the brand itself, which can lead to growth both now and into the future. Whether you want your company to be a Fortune 500 company or simply want to leave an asset for your children, your goal should guide your decision making process.

Offer What Others Won’t

Many companies tend to take their cues from what the competition is doing. However, this could mean disaster for your company, and it could result in a stagnant organization that isn’t able to differentiate itself in any meaningful way. If you see that the competition is making customers sign a two-year contract, offer your customers the ability to obtain service without a contract.

If you think that an emerging technology could offer value to customers, use it before others do. By having something that the competition doesn’t have or isn’t willing to offer, you can attract customers and gain their trust. Once the competition finally comes around to your way of thinking, your customers won’t want to leave. As long as you continue to innovate and improve, the competition will react to your moves instead of the other way around.

Your company is more than just a business. It is a way for you to achieve financial freedom and to leave a legacy for future generations to remember. Therefore, it is critical that you do whatever it takes to keep your company growing and thriving. By treating people right and giving them what other won’t or can’t, your business can be a force for years to come.


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