4 Successful Signage Tips To Boost your Business

More and more people are focusing on their advertising efforts towards online and mobile marketing practices in this fast-paced tech-oriented world. Nowadays, more than half of all internet traffic is coming from a mobile device.


However, when it comes to grabbing the peoples attention then it is best to do the old fashioned like a graphic sign. There are sign companies in NYC that can create a retro-looking neon sign or graphic sign for your company. These signs can have a substantial influence on the number of new customers your company could potentially acquire. 

That being said, here are some successful signage tips that can help you to boost your business.


Keep it Legible and Visible

You must have heard that “old is less”. The same goes with the sign design process to keep the message short and clear. This makes the sign easier to see and read its content at first glance. Although signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choosing the right one becomes fairly important once you realize that not every sign is appropriate for every viewing distance. In order to check this, you need to consider the location where your sign will be placed and remove any obstacles that might come in the sign’s visibility.


Clutter is another factor to consider when it comes to the visibility of the signage. A good sign has to covey the message concisely and efficiently. While it will make the sign harder for the people to read if you over stuff it with too many texts. This can even move the reader’s attention away from the message that you are trying to convey. Most of the marketers tend to fill in all the blank space to get the most out of their investment. Although, what they don’t realize is that this blank space around words and graphics is equally important for conveying the message.


Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to a well-designed sign, choosing the right color scheme is very important. It doesn’t only grab the reader’s attention but also conveys your brand identify. Trademark recognition has more to do with the choice of color than the actual logo representing it. You can avoid using background colors as they make the reading message a bit difficult. While you should colors which contrasts well with other colors like black on white or black on orange. This will allow the audience for an easier reading experience when viewed from a distance.


Choosing the Right Font Type

The font is also one of the most important aspects of your signage. Choose a font that’s clean and easy to read as well. There was a huge misconception that capital letters are bigger in size and are easier to read from a certain distance. Unfortunately, this was not true because capital letters produce quite the opposite effect.


Instead of capital letters, you can use bold, italic, and extended the text in order to shift the focus towards a specific part of the message. Also, remember to avoid extremely small fonts for the contact information and if you want to use two different fonts then make sure that they complement each other so the message clearly stands out.


Illuminate your Sign

If you are using a banner, poster, billboard or a custom sign in NYC, don’t forget to check if they are properly illuminated, especially during the night time. A well-placed light source can be used to accent the sign and will surely draw the reader’s attention. Illumination also increases the chance of your sign remaining effective even beyond the regular business hours.

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