4 Tips to Help You Be Both a Business Woman & a Supermom

The general populous feels that working women, especially those in business, also need to be supermoms. However, it doesn't come without a price unless you go into the situation with your eyes wide open and some tricks up your sleeve. The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently reported that 65% of the total Australian population are women in the labor force with 38% of those business owners themselves. The stats in the United States and other developing countries are similar. It's no wonder that there is a growing need for information that will help you cope with the multitasking required when attempting to balance the demands of work and home. Here are our 4 favorite tips designed to help you merge being a business woman and supermom successfully.

1. Use the Skills You Have

Just like with raising children, businesses don't come with a handbook telling you how to do it right and be super successful. Actually, moms have the edge in the business world since they're used to flying by the seat of their pants. Managing a home while raising children takes special skills that are learned over time. Leading the PTA, organizing birthday parties and finding creative alternatives, like when decorating for Christmas, are not innate skills. Your knowledge of leadership, organization and creativity are all required in business as well. Don't fight what you already know. Find ways to use your skills to your advantage in the business world.

2. Don't Feel Guilty

Whether you opt to use a daycare facility for little ones or a nanny such as those provided by Abracadabra Brighton Domestic Agencies Pty Ltd, their development, care and safety should remain a priority. Although it's difficult to leave your children anywhere, they will actually be better off for it. Statistics show that as a vehicle for learning and development, a qualified daycare facility or nanny will ensure your children enter school ahead of peers raised in a home where the mother did not work. Additionally, it was found that children's play often centered on entrepreneurship rather than domestic skills.

3. Ask Your Kids

If you want to know how you're doing at combining business woman with supermom, you need go no farther than asking your children what they think. Many times, woman worry so much about meeting the needs of everyone else that they forget about themselves. You may need to schedule a spa day once per month, get your hair done every week or work out at the gym when the family is busy elsewhere. Don't lose sight of the fact that your family is still your top priority. They are you're greatest support network and can provide important insight into how successfully you are able to combine your two worlds. Your children will more than likely tell you that they want you to be as happy and healthy as you do.

It's also important to remember that once you start becoming a flourishing entrepreneur, don't hesitate to share your platform with other moms every chance you get. You will have a unique opportunity to help close the gender gap between men and women in creating prosperous businesses as well as explain to other moms how you can successfully combine the complex worlds of supermom and business woman.

4. Find a Balance That Works for You and Your Family

A fine balance exists between work and home that, regardless of whether you work from home or from a different location, needs to be established as early as possible. If your children are in school or daycare from 9am to 3pm, schedule your day around that. It will allow you the time you need to pick them up from school, help them with homework and fix dinner. They also need to be included in your business whenever possible. For example, if you go to craft fairs on the weekend, allow them to go with you then give them jobs like stamping hands, giving out free samples or drawing potential customers to your booth. Just keep in mind that you might be teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs some really important skills. In the end, time management and organization will be your saving grace.

There are times when you may reflect on how well you've been able to combine your roles as business woman and supermom. There may also be times when you wished you had more time. It's normal, as women, to be hard on ourselves but it's also imperative that you don't let it drive your decision-making either at home or while at work. When you doubt yourself just take a deep breath and remember that if you're giving your best, you're giving enough.

About the author

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.


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