4 Ways to Establish and Build an Awesome Online Business Reputation

Over the decades, business reputation has been created mainly by word-of-mouth to establish, build and maintain strong branding. Today, modern businesses retain much the same principles, however, word of mouth is no longer simply face-to-face conversations; it has become views, reviews and opinions shared globally on social media platforms, review sites, and other areas around the web.

Today, a business’ online reputation has never been so important. A good and long-standing reputation on the internet can go a long way in terms of customer trust and gaining an edge over the competition. Read on for four tips to help you take your reputation even further.

Tip #1. Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is not only one of the first places that customers will go when they want to find out more about your brand; they may also head over to popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter when they have a question to ask, or if they need to make a complaint.

So, it’s not only important to be present on social networks; you should also be regularly active, keeping your profiles updated with fresh content that interests your followers. It’s also important to ensure that you actively engage with customers on social media, answering their questions and queries quickly.

Tip #2. Encourage Good Customer Reviews

Today, customers rely on the views of others when it comes to deciding which brands to go with. This is especially true of online-only stores, where new customers don’t get a chance to try out a product before committing to purchase it.

But, customers tend to leave more bad reviews than good ones, so how can you prevent this for your site? A good idea is to use an online reputation management tool that encourages customers leaving low reviews to get in touch to resolve the situation instead.

Tip #3. Improve the Customer Experience

The demand for an awesome overall customer experience has never been so high, especially in today’s age of online e-commerce. With high levels of competition and customers who think nothing of changing brands, it’s more important than ever before to ensure that your customers are thoroughly satisfied with their visit to your site, online store, or social media profiles.

Today, one of the most important ways to improve the customer experience is to provide a mobile-friendly shopping experience, for example through a responsive website or a downloadable app. In addition, you should provide a secure payment system to ensure peace of mind.

Tip #4. Build Relationships

The most successful brands are the ones that build strong personal relationships with their customers online. One of the simplest ways to do this is to track what’s being said about your company and brand online, and respond accordingly.

Don’t just respond to questions or apologize after a complaint – saying ‘thank you’ for positive comments or glowing reviews about your company can go a long way in improving customer relations.

How do you manage your online reputation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. 


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