4 Ways of Improving Employee Productivity

One of the desires of every employer is a more productive workforce. However, how they can improve the productivity of their workforce is typically the missing piece of the puzzle. With that being said, it’s crucial that for the sake of a healthy growing business, every organization finds a formula that works for them. This often takes time and isn’t easy to do; however, with the right strategy, it is possible to do. Improving productivity typically means you’ll have to pay more attention to your employees and understand what their fundamental needs are. Below are four ways of improving productivity.

Provide Incentives

Although there is an ongoing debate regarding just how effective incentives are, in the right climate they can produce positive results. Here are three incentives that could help when it comes to boosting productivity.


  • Reward Good Performance: To begin with, when providing incentives, try rewarding good performance. This isn’t a new concept amongst employers, but you will find that different incentives work for different people. The goal should be to think about what your employee's interests and needs are and provide incentives that match that.


  • Career Development: One of the best incentives that you can give employees is career development. Beyond money, many people want to feel as though they’re part of something bigger than them. They also want to experience growth and not feel trapped in a company that doesn’t care about their growth. By offering training, courses or mentorship opportunities, you can help them stay motivated and improve their output.


  • Technology: One challenge many employees have is spending too much time on administrative tasks like checking emails and looking for documents amongst others. If this is the case for your workforce, consider upgrading their technology by introducing tools and software. Faster desktops could also go a long way in reducing frustrations and helping them save time.


Try Team Building Activities

Aside from providing incentives, another suggestion would be to try team building activities. Seeing as employees have to work together, if you’re able to ensure they’re well acquainted and have better teamwork skills, you may find they’re more productive.


Remember that team building activities don’t have to be boring and you can try things that are outside of the box. For instance, you could organize team games that are inspired by movies or TV shows. Giving away prizes like a custom magic 8 ball could also help spark their team spirit. Aside from this, don’t neglect simple things like after work socials where people can simply let their hair down and connect.


Get Feedback

Although you may be able to come up with ways to boost productivity on your own, some of the most useful information you can get will come from employees. It’s crucial that you take employee satisfaction as seriously as you do customer satisfaction. Find out what their workplace experiences are by simply asking. Also, address things that may be hampering their productivity and look for effective solutions. Including them in the process could help you produce long-lasting results when it comes to productivity.


Create a Vibrant Environment

Another tip to consider for improving employee productivity is to create a vibrant environment. Although every person needs a different atmosphere to get their work done, try and meet somewhere in the middle. You can start with simple acts like putting motivational wall art around the office to inspire employees. You may also want to ensure you have an open-door policy which encourages open communication and the sharing of positive ideas. In doing so, you should find that there’s a happier aura and your employees are more focused on achieving their goals and objectives.


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