4 Ways Screen Printing Can Bolster Your Small Business Marketing Efforts

Screen printing, often called silk screening, involves blocking out portions of a fine mesh and then laying it over a material like glass or poster board. When ink is forced through (usually by a squeegee), it leaves clear patterns, text, or pictures. Multi-colored images are reproduced with multiple screens. It's a relatively inexpensive process. Here are four ways that screen printing can support small business marketing.

Promotional Items

You can print your logo on virtually anything. This is still widely done because it works. Buy items like T-shirts or mouse pads at bulk-discounted prices, print your logo, and hand them out as promotional items. Most people appreciate this type of item, and it will do some of your advertising for you. The key is to print on useful things people will actually keep. Cheaply made or useless items will only end up in the trash.

Business Cards

People are more likely to be impressed with business cards printed on unusual materials, or in odd shapes and styles, such as loaves of bread for a baker. With your own screen press, your imagination is the limit, and you can print up all you want without wait times and shipping costs. Keep a stack on hand as people will tend to pick them up just out of curiosity.

More Professional

Four-color processes can even produce near photo-quality results. Wide-format digital printers that are capable of the same results can cost thousands. There are also screen print services from places such as Schilling Graphics that will do a variety of tasks such as creating ready-to-print screens of any size for you, from existing or newly created artwork. Some can also provide high-tech services like computer-to-screen, management of an inventory of images, and a wide range of products for more professional results.


You can also print and distribute your own large-format signage on a variety of stocks, such as foam panels or plastic corrugated stocks for outdoor use. Again, go for unusual shapes and bold artwork. Colorful, creative signage helps to promote any upcoming sale, or new product or service. Distinctive and unusual signs tend to draw the eye, and with large format signs and banners, even from a distance.

Even online companies that tend to focus their marketing on social media or email campaigns can draw new customers with eye-catching printed material. If you lack the basic talents or materials, a good screen printing service can still make your good ideas reality.

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