4 Ways to Successfully Market Your Law Firm Online

The modern client no longer looks in the phone book to find a local law firm. They head online to research the best representation in their town or city. To attract them to your firm, you need to develop a strong online presence to stand out from your competitors. For this reason, we are looking at four ways to successfully market your law firm online.

1.  A Personal Brand

A client is looking for the best lawyer, not the best firm. That’s why it’s important that each lawyer develops a personal brand, which they should promote online. After all, they will want to learn more about the individual attorney before they pick up the phone to call your firm.

One way to ensure a potential client can make an informed decision is by improving your attorney bios. Each should feature a professional photograph, past work experience, credentials, licenses, publication links and a call to action. You can also work with an attorney public relations agency, such as Berbay, who can take care of all your firm’s PR and marketing needs.

2.  Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must for any firm hoping to turn a subscriber into a client, as it can drive more conversions than any other marketing channel, such as social and search. In fact, it has been found that for every $1 spent, email marketing can generate an ROI of $38.

However, it’s vital to develop an effective strategy that engages with both potential customers, while encouraging existing clients to trust in your services. To do so, you must develop relevant emails to your subscribers through segmentation and personalization. If you don’t, the email will end up in their trash, and they will unsubscribe.

3.  Create YouTube Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? It’s also owned by Google, which means it will receive a considerable amount of attention in the number one search engine, too. That’s why it can be a wise move to create videos for YouTube, which you can also post on your website. Ask your lawyers to create a series of informative videos, which should be based on their specialty. It’s great for both SEO and building a personal brand.

4.  Optimize Your Website

Are your visitors coming to your website and leaving without taking action? If so, you need to optimize your website to reduce your bounce rate and boost your client base. One way to turn a lead into a client is with a handy call to action, which should be available on each web page. Each page should indicate to a visitor the action they need to take, such as a contact us button or a call-back form.

You could also integrate a live chat facility, which allows a potential client to receive the answers to their questions. It’s a little more casual than an email or phone call, and it could be all it takes to convince a web visitor that you’re the right firm for their needs.


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