5 Business Ideas for 2017

The most important part of starting a business is having the basic idea of what your business will be. You need to find a niche that will let you dominate the market and is large enough so you can profit from your enterprise.

It’s also imperative to think about what’s necessary for the business to take off. If the business you’ve been planning to open requires too much early investing, then it might not be suited for someone who’s just getting started. In the end, the business you’re starting should be something you’re passionate about and can see yourself doing for years.

Tax preparation

The tax code has become so complicated that businesses can’t afford to lose time (and money) on doing their taxes themselves. This means that your tax preparation business will always have a steady stream of clients that have just realized how necessary your services are.

The biggest expense of starting such a business comes from finding the staff that’s up to date with the latest tax regulations. Besides that, all you need is a respectable office to create an atmosphere of comfort and sense of accomplishment. Once you get the first client, word of mouth will be enough to land you new jobs.

A restaurant

Opening a restaurant in the right neighborhood can be a very profitable idea. However, you need to find a way to make your restaurant unique and memorable. Experimenting with the food you’re serving is the most obvious way to do it. Adding a touch of foreign cuisine to the homemade dishes will make them interesting and help you stand out from the crowd. These days, adding elements of Asian cuisine is a very popular choice, but this could change pretty fast.

A warehouse business

Smaller businesses need to keep track of their products, but can’t afford to build a warehouse for that purpose, at least not right away. Renting warehouses and offering a couple of stock management services could be a lucrative business.

The first thing you need to do is decide on the size and location of the warehouse. Discuss the decision with the construction professionals like the ones from Wallandra and don’t forget to take into account the proximity of your business to the potential clients.

Green business advisors

Businesses are going green. This is done because it’s a good way to save money in the long run and attract the clients who value being responsible about the environment. This process could take a while and it requires a lot of technical skills. If you have them, you could offer guidance to businesses that are ready to make the necessary changes. The most important resources for such a business are the talented employees who could provide the assistance and the expert knowledge needed to make a business green.

Virtual assistance

Most businesses have moved their offices online. That way, they can save money and use the technology to increase the productivity and job satisfaction. After a while, it became obvious that these businesses still need assistants and office managers, just like the real-life ones do. A skilled assistant could offer these services to a few businesses at the same time.

The skills needed for the virtual assistant are pretty much the same as those necessary for ordinary office assistants. You need to be a good manager, able to understand how important people-skills are, and be discrete when necessary. If you have these, you don’t really need anything else to start a virtual assistant business.

When you’re ready to start a business, it’s imperative to have a business idea that has the potential to attract customers and grow relatively fast. If you have this, everything else can be accomplished through hard work.

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a business coach. She is interested in topics related to marketing and advertising.


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