5 Businesses You Can Start Right Away

Finding an idea for a business is the first (and often the hardest) step toward success. The most responsible way of coming up with startup ideas is to investigate the market, ask your future customers what do they need and what is lacking in the products of your competitors. The key is to find a niche market in which you can be a dominating force, but that’s large enough to actually make a profit. Also, there’s nothing wrong with upgrading an existing business model, as well – you just need to put an innovating twist on an already established business and the customers will notice it.

Same day delivery

Courier services are easy to set up and they have a real possibility for growth if they’re managed properly. People want to reduce and automate the mundane daily tasks as much as possible and same day delivery can really help with that. Large companies already offer this service, so the best course of action is to offer it to smaller local business. It’s important to create a network of couriers and make sure you have a reliable way of taking orders (preferably via an app) before you start. Once the business is open, the packages must be delivered smoothly and on time.

Event planning

It’s not a huge market, but there’s a need for it and newcomers can make their way to the top if they’re talented and willing to work. You need to have an established relationship with caterers, venues and most importantly businesses in need of these services.; finally, there’s an art to it. Creating a tasteful event suited to the needs of those hosting it – is a talent not everyone has. Those who do could really monetize it.

Online car part store

Online retail has made its way to pretty much all industries and niche markets and now auto parts are getting their turn. There are two ways to go – very broad or very narrow and specific. You could have a garden variety car parts store for the general public (in which case prices and sales are what motivates the potential buyers) or focus on one specific model and brand (which makes the business more exclusive and the growth slower). Make sure you have a steady supply of parts and reliable courier and shipping team before you start spending money on advertising.

Pub business

There’s always a market for starting a pub if you do it right. The key is to treat it as any other serious business – create a business plan before you invest, investigate the market and take the time to find the right location. Think long and hard about setting up a theme and an aesthetic for the pub because that will determine the clientele. Only after you’ve done all this you can start spending money on equipment and inventory. You can find banquet chairs for almost any setup, so make sure to get check all the available options. When creating a menu, hire a mixologist first and then get the liquor based on their input.

Business plan services

The economy is relatively steady and a lot of people are thinking about starting a business. More often than not, they don’t have enough practical experience in the field and could use some expert advice, at least initially. Offering business plan services (complete with market research and financial statements) could be a serious and growing endeavor. The biggest expense is getting the experts capable of delivering an actually useful business plan. The rest can be accomplished with a little marketing and a lot of networking with the right people.

Having an idea for a profitable business isn’t easy, but it also isn’t the end of the road. Even with the best niche idea, there’s a lot of hard work ahead.

About the author

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a business coach. She is interested in topics related to marketing and advertising.


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