5 Common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

There are certain characteristics of entrepreneurs that lead them to being successful at what they do! For starters and just to dispel the myth, successful entrepreneurs are 'born' they are NOT made! For people who assume otherwise this should be good news and will hopefully motivate them onto bigger and better things!

Here are 5 common characteristics typically found in people who have found success in their chosen field as small business owners!


The 'spark' or idea that sets a person in motion is typically something that is fueled by passion or in the least a personal interest! This 'vision' is usually unique in some way and is supported by the strong belief or faith that it can indeed become reality! Thus it is the passion of most successful entrepreneurs that keeps their dreams alive! Their vision also serves as the 'target' that keeps them on track allowing them to effectively plan the required course of actions needed to achieve their goals!

Self Confident

Being successful at anything requires having a certain degree of confidence in yourself and your choices! As any entrepreneur will tell you, this confidence is critical primarily because most of the time you'll be working alone and making decisions based upon your own research and judgment!


All small business owners are familiar with the fact that setbacks and mistakes are inevitable! The most important thing here is not the mistakes or setbacks you may encounter but rather how you react to them! Truly successful entrepreneurs view their setbacks as learning experiences and not as something that will discourage them from pursuing their goals! The attitude that the more mistakes you make the more you learn encourages people to bounce back and continue moving forward! Without this continued effort, success, in most cases will never be experienced!


The willingness to 'roll up your sleeves' and do what it takes is rare in most people! This is especially true when working alone without the support or encouragement of others as the typical entrepreneur finds themselves doing! Remember however that it is the 'vision' as previously mentioned that sets people into motion towards making it a reality and that this vision is fueled by passion! Being passionate is a tremendous source of motivation and can easily sustain a persons drive even without the support of others!


Quite often change is required due to consumer demand, marketing strategies that are no longer effective and overall market conditions! In fact change is about the only thing small business owners can count on therefore their ability to adapt is vital! Without this adaptability you might as well give up your quest but in this area, once again, most successful entrepreneurs tend to excel!

There are certain characteristics of entrepreneurs that are most helpful in their being successful as small business owners! The good news here is that successful entrepreneurs are typically not born with particular attributes or talents but rather developed them along the way and so can you! For the most part the most prominent characteristics people need to succeed as small business owners are the 5 discussed here today! With a little imagination along with a 'dash' of discipline there's little holding you or anybody else back from being successful at developing a profitable small business of your own!

About the author

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. To learn more about the challenges facing the small business entrepreneur online and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your online marketing needs simply visit:http://blogbrawn.com/


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