5 Compelling Reasons Why Your Company Should be on LinkedIn

You probably know LinkedIn as "the professional Facebook" and consider it a great place to look for a new job or seek out new talent when recruiting. However, it hasn't primarily been thought of as a major social media contender for a business to have a presence on, but that is quickly changing. Carefully consider these five compelling reasons why your company, not just your employees, should be on LinkedIn.

1. Additional Exposure to Potential Employees

Most job seekers and professionals now know that to improve their professional standing and chances of landing a job, they need to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the gold standard when it comes to recruiting new talent through social media, and not taking full advantage of that for your company would be folly.

Your business's page on LinkedIn offers useful information for job seekers, and in order to attract top talent, you will want a compelling description of your organization, accurate facts about your business in your profile and reasons why potential job seekers should want to work for you and not your competition.

2. Additional Exposure to Customers

LinkedIn is yet another social media outlet on which you can reach potential customers, particularly in the B2B market, where it has now surpassed Facebook as the number one social platform for B2B marketers.

This makes sense—on a website primarily geared towards professionals possibly looking to make sales and deals between businesses, it's the perfect place to be. So if your business primarily deals in business-to-business transactions, you can't afford not to be on LinkedIn. Even if your business isn't in B2B, a LinkedIn presence heightens your SEO because of LinkedIn's priority in search engines, thus increasing your visibility.

3. Additional Exposure to Other Industry Professionals

Having a page on LinkedIn means that your business's information is visible to other industry professionals. This is helpful for networking reasons, as with your business's name and information out there, your company and employees will have a better chance of being reached out to and invited to industry events.

Being connected to other industry professionals can result in lucrative partnerships as well, and the fact of the matter is you will never know what opportunities might be available for your company if you don't put yourselves out there.

4. Draws Traffic to Your Website

Every post you make on LinkedIn from your business page has the potential to generate leads and clickthroughs to your website. A good example of a business doing this correctly and successfully with their updates is ACN.

Unlike Facebook, your posts are not filtered at this time by an algorithm, so no matter how much interaction a follower has had with your content, he or she will be able to see everything you post. This is obviously to your advantage because it means that your posts have a much greater chance of being seen and not buried among other updates.

5. LinkedIn Generates More Interest in Product Launches Than Traditional Press Releases

LinkedIn is now the number one social media site used for B2B product launches worldwide. This means that by announcing your product launches on LinkedIn, you will likely see stronger results than releases only distributed by traditional means or on other, less specialized social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

While most people know to use LinkedIn as a means of finding a job, having a profile on the website is very beneficial to most types of businesses too, much the same way having a business page on Facebook is. LinkedIn continues to be the top social networking site for professionals, and that means most businesses, especially businesses primarily operating in the B2B sector, have a lot to gain by having a presence on the site.

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