5 Foolproof Marketing Tips To Get Your Business Up And Running

You may have the most perfect line of products and services, but if you aren't capturing the attention of your target audience, you may miss the mark week after week. Knowing how to market your business can mean the difference between staying stagnant and growing it to its truest potential. Here are five foolproof marketing tips to help you exceed your financial goals.

1. Become One With Your Business Cards

 Never leave your home without your business cards. As the internet continues to replace most of the aging advertising techniques, business cards have remained timeless. However, in such a competitive market, your cards must stand out from the rest. While your design should ultimately support your brand, there are a few practical guidelines to consider:

● Make your logo your main attraction

● Avoid being too wordy

● List your name, your business name and website, and contact information

● Choose font that is easy to read

Textured paper is another unique touch that can build on the attraction of your business cards. Also, if you haven't settled on an image yet, you can purchase a logo maker online or pitch your ideas to a reputable designer.


2. Capitalize Off Of Social Media

 Word of mouth only travels so far, and nowadays, consumers are looking to make purchases online. Bearing these truths in mind, it is easy to accept that a business without a social media presence is one that will never reach its highest earning potential. People aimlessly surf the web for hours, so paying major platforms or social media influencers to post ads for your company will send a lot of traffic your way and earn you a larger following. Lastly, enlist a social media specialist to post photos, videos, promotions, new products, success stories, and any other type of content to keep your target audience engaged.


3. Give Away Free Merchandise

 To make money, you have to be willing to spend a bit, and nothing attracts consumer attention like free merchandise. Announce contests, giveaways, and discounts via email, text message, social media, and your company website. You can even benefit from sending free samples and offering incentives in exchange for customer references and contact information.


4. Take Every Opportunity To Network

 Each time you step outside of your home is a moment to shake hands and make connections. Research upcoming business conferences, and prepare to attend as many trade shows as possible. Reaching out to event holders can lengthen your reach, and you may be given an opportunity to speak about your brand. Partnering up with other organizations can also give you a more competitive edge and allow you access to their customer base.


5. Make An Effort To Educate Yourself

 Your day to day strategies might not be wrong; instead, they just may be underdeveloped. There are dozens of free courses and reading material that is accessible online, and dedicating a few hours per week to indulge will put you ahead of the game. However, you should never be afraid of asking others for help or outsourcing your needs. If your busy schedule won't allow time for this learning curve or if you would prefer speaking with a trained professional, it may be in your best interest to hire a marketing consultant. Having an expert on your side will drastically speed up the process as you will gain insight into what works versus what doesn't.


There is no one way to market your business; however, it has never been easier to spread the good word about what you have to offer. You just may be one smart move away from hitting your revenue goals.


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