5 Key Qualities Of The Best Massage Therapist

A therapeutic massage is something that everyone should try because it engages all your senses through the use of massage oils, aromatherapy scents, soothing music and the massage. A massage is a physical and an emotional experience. Therefore, you need to find a therapist who has different social, business and personal skills. Here are key qualities to look for when finding the right massage therapist.


A good massage therapist should be able to display very high standards of professionalism. You need an expert who will return your phone calls within a practical period of time. They should also be on time for your appointment and carry out the massage in a professional manner. A therapist who goes to an appointment late and appears stressed out and rushed may increase the anxiety and stress of the clients instead of reducing it.


Massage therapists today are highly trained experts who have undergone several hours of study both in the field and classroom. Your therapist should have an understanding of the human anatomy and should be well trained in several types of massage techniques. With a full list of massage skills, you will be confident that your therapist will offer variety and will give excellent services.


Massage experience is crucial when you are looking for a therapist. You want an individual who has massaged several clients and has an understanding of different types of massages. A seasoned professional has handled different clients and will know how to deal with different people who have varying personalities. It is best to opt for a massage therapist who has worked for several hours instead of one who is just fresh out of college. For more details on experienced massage therapists, check out http://thrivemassageandwellness.com/.

Excellent listening skills

Massage therapists must be very good listeners because every client has a unique set of emotional and physical needs. The therapist should continuously listen to the client to know what he/she needs from the massage session. This will enable the expert to adjust the technique accordingly to suit the needs of the customer. A technique that is therapeutic for one person might be too intense for another. Therapists should avoid imposing their views on the customers to ensure that they become repeat clients.

Committed to continuing education

Just like any other field, the massage therapy industry keeps growing with the advancement in technology. Therefore, you should get a professional who seeks to expand their physical and theoretical skills through continuing training. Most schools offer a basic training of 700 hours for practice and instruction. Therefore, it is crucial for a therapist to take up short courses on a yearly basis. This ensures that they are conversant with emerging trends in the industry and improve their manual dexterity to effectively and correctly perform massage techniques.

The best way for you to determine whether a massage therapist is right for you is by giving it a try. Paying for a single session will enable you to have first-hand experience with the professional. You will be able to determine the qualities that the individual possesses and whether he/she meets your needs. A massage has lots of physical and health benefits that you can only experience if you find the right individual for the job.

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