5 Methods for Increasing App Engagement & User Retention

Have you developed a high-end mobile application for your business? Now, it’s time to consider mobile app engagement and mobile app retention as these are the two-important metrics that can be measured to know how much successful your application is.

As you know that engaging users and retaining them are the two different sides of one coin; however, they are equally important for the success of your app. The key to success of your application depends on a right balance between app engagement and retention of users.

The low app engagement and retention rate are the signs of a failure whereas high engagement and retention rate are the synonyms of successful app. Before we discuss more about user app engagement and retention rate, let’s know what is the exact meaning of these terms:

What is App Engagement?

User engagement is the term that explains how active your users are on your application. It is metric that can be measured the success of an app, as per the Localytics. Moreover, Localytics also suggested that highly engaged users are those, who have more than sessions per month.

What is Retention Rate?

The retention rate of your app is the percentage of your app’s users, who return to the app within 3 months of their first session. When these two combined, the average fixes an app’s tawdriness such as how involved and loyal users are for any app. The main goal is to keep users engaged and ensure repeat usages for all those, who are anxious with user conversion or monetization.

How to Boost Mobile App Engagement & User Retention?

Make Sure to Engage Your Users

Engaging your users plays an important role in making your app successful. Through different channels, you can engage your users and it is one of the great ways of boosting user retention. If you are doing it in the right way, you can get a huge return on your efforts. However, there are some of the ways by which you can engage your users and keep your app on top of their minds.

●  Emails:

Do you know that there is a lot of things that can be done with email campaigns? You can easily send newsletters on weekly or monthly basis, email them about your new product, new features of the product, discounts, deals, promotions, upgrades and more that you are working on.

Moreover, you can also send them automated emails activated by some actions such as a welcome email when a new user signs-up. As there is no one size that fits all approach; therefore, the best thing is to try different approaches and measure results to see what works best for your application.

●  Push Notifications:

As you know that Push Notification is a highly successful method of boosting mobile app engagement and fetching users back on your app. By just strategically pushing messages within your app, you can easily remind your users that they have install your app in their device and inspire them to take some of the actions.

If you implement it rightly, it will also help you to boost the usage through targeted messages based on behavioral data and preferences. However, the overall point is to send targeted messages to your users and give them a compelling reason to return to your app.

But make sure that you send something limited as overdoing push notifications or sending inaccurate messages will irritate your users and make them feel to delete your app. There is only a thin line between reminding users about the app and spamming them to a point where they will choose to delete your app.

Incentivization & Gamification

When it comes to talking about the Incentivization and Gamification, both are very essential factors that are directly affecting your app user’s behavior. You can offer users incentives and gamifying your application as it is the best way of increasing engagement and retention.

Specific rewards related to mobile specialized content access, coupons, promotions and other deals and offers can help you to boost conversions and engagement. Apart from this, gamification is the use of game mechanics and rewards in non-game applications to boost engagement and loyalty.

You can also integrate elements like competitions, unlocking items, rewards, leaderboards, badges, leveling-up, certifications and rewards in your app, and these are some of the examples of gamification. Also, boosting app engagement and retention gamification inspire social sharing through social channels increasing your apps visibility.

Bringing Them on Board

In terms of retaining your users after their first-time use, you make sure that you employ a killer onboarding experience for the users without overwhelming them. You can engage them and connect them all to your brand or product.

You can do is monitor your users’ every single step throughout your application and it is important to comprehend user behavior and seeing how they are making use of the app. You can do is present some of the new downloaders with some of the wonderful and fresh content in the process of them signing in.

It is something that they never have seen before and will keep them engaged with your application. And once they get to the conversion screen to sign-up, they will not come up with a reason. This is something that you are showing them value before they sign-up for the app.

You can have active users, who will come daily before you know it. By this way, your user base will keep expanding. Here is the example of boosting your app’s retention rate:

●  Show Users Only What They Need To

What will you do if an app tries to overload you with vast information? You would like to go where you wanted to go on instant basis, Right.

One of the main things in onboarding new users is to show them with just what they wanted to know, and not to overwhelm them with vast information. A mobile user will prefer to discard devastating designs, which mimic desktop content page-for-page.

It is extremely common to assume that a customer will easily input huge information on the mobile device as they prefer to do on the desktop. However, input is more time consuming on mobile devices and it is essential to design with that in mind. In fact, the truth is that small screen can be a blessing as it allows you to focus on what is imperative.

Mobile Personalization

Have you ever noticed that personalization help in delivering a more unique and relevant experience to the user? If you will provide more aligned experienced to your user’s needs and preferences, they will be more likely to continue to use your application.

Whenever it is possible for you, you can personalize the user experience by making use of known information to show accurate content and material in the application. You can do is include the user’s name on screens and in messaging that is an easy yet effective way to personalize; however, diving deeper to make sure push notifications are more relevant to the user.

In fact, push messages are customized to user interest and they have 54% of conversion rate, whereas 15% from broadcast messages. The important thing that you need to keep in mind is step carefully if you implement push notifications inappropriately and send users inaccurate messages or notifications that users will feel annoying.

Delighting Your Users

If you wanted to develop an application, which sticks to you, you need to develop something that surpasses your user’s expectations and suffice their needs. What you can do is think about all the applications that you are using one daily bases and try to comprehend what is it that makes it so special. 

There are lots of people, who prefer to engage with applications that serve them great value and solve some of the problems. We can also say that people also prefer to use those app that delight them. You can truly comprehend your consumers and their needs and how your application is going to deliver on that will most likely set you up for success.

Above-mentioned are highly successful and fruitful ways to boost app engagement and retention rate, resulting in making your application successful on the web. If you have decided to develop your own mobile app or you wanted to customize your existing application with more features, you can get in touch an ingenious mobile application development company that has already handled mobile app development projects.


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