5 Proven Ways to Deal with Small Business Competitors

A lot of people assume that competitors are out to destroy them. That’s why they see competition as a destructive force. Despite the mind games and dirty tricks that are connected with it, competitors are in business simply to get ahead of you and have more sales. 

If there is no competition, you may not work hard to create a niche for yourself. So, competition is good for business, but you need to learn how to deal with them decisively. Competition pushes you forward, and helps you to create quality products or services at lower rates.

 If your business has a competitive edge, you will experience better patronage. Below are 5 proven ways you can deal with small business competitors that are out to outsmart you:

Make a Business connection

This will work wonders for you. Your network determines your net worth in the business world. You need to network with someone that can help your business to grow; you do this by striking a deal that is mutually benefit each other.

For example, if you are a great writer or you know how to craft amazing stories, you can strike a deal with someone with enviable publishing skills. You can pay the person some percentage or royalty of the sales after publication.

In this way, you are paying only when the job is done and dusted.  I always say this in howtostartanllc.org, you cannot do it alone. You are not an island; you need to build quality business connections with like-minded people who have interest in your niche in order to outsmart the competition.

Play a fair game

Business is not easy and there is no shortcut to excellence. Sometimes you may find out that your competitors are going extremes to market their businesses; some may even stole your idea, and modify it. 

Such is life, but you need to be careful with what you share. For example, if you tell them that you want to write a book on love, will they share the same story with you? Be open-minded while relating with them, but don’t reveal essential facts. Virtue, they say lies in the middle.

Think differently

Be a proactive thinker. Give your customers awesome reasons to buy your products or hire your services. They will only do that if you provide high quality products or services at moderate rates. Honesty and integrity should be your watchword. People want to buy something they can be proud of. Make sure your products or services are exceptional and are presented with a professional finesse.


Make your online Presence


To many people, this may seem insignificant, but it works wonders. You can never go wrong by having a viable online presence. Let your website have a good look and layout. Make it attractive and highly professional.


Keep on providing contents that will motivate your visitors to keep coming. The longer visitors spend on your website, the more their chances of engaging in more business transactions with you. Have an engaging social media portfolio.


Your page must be something that people would be happy to relate with. This means that you should try as much as you can to make your posts interesting. Grow your page; the more people you have on your social media profiles, the better for you, because more people translates to having potential buyers.


Follow the Business Trends

What are your competitors doing at the moment? Your job is to find out what they are doing differently.


 If your competitors are making more sales than you, it means there is something they are doing which you aren’t doing or you aren’t getting it correctly. Find out this enigma. Discover the factors that are giving them the competitive edge, and then apply a more enhanced strategy to your business.


Don’t just think of applying such strategies without first of all thinking of ways you can improve them. By this way you will get better results. You will always stay ahead of the competition if you have the capacity to attract your customers and give them reasons they should come to you instead of going to your competitors.


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