5 Reasons Employees Are the Heart of Your Business

Dedication. Hard work. Financial backing. An exemplary marketing plan. These are important elements of running a successful business. These are the factors that will help build your business’ foundation and bring in customers. But once you gain those customers, how do you keep them? Offering a quality product, consistent service, and competitive prices are just a few of the ways. But what about creating a passionate and loyal employee base? After all, your employees are the ones interacting with your customers on a daily basis. Many business owners overlook the importance of employees, adopting the attitude that they are replaceable and expendable. Read on to discover five reasons why this is the wrong mindset and learn why your employees are actually the heart of your business.


1. They Deliver Your Message

Your employees are at the forefront of your business. They’re the ones interacting directly with customers. If your company has a certain mission statement or vision (and it should), your staff members are the ones who adopt that message and deliver it to the public. That’s why you need employees who feel appreciated and valued. You also need employees who share your company’s values and believe in the purpose of your product or service. Give your employees something to invest in, emotionally. Make them feel a part of what’s going on within the company. Employees shouldn’t feel disposable. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can fill positions with a body and that the job will get done right. Your employees are a direct representation of you. How do you want to present your business’ message and values?


2. Empower Them and See What Happens

The last thing you want to do is suppress the creativity, ambition, and drive of your employees. Your workers are more than just bodies performing a certain task. They are capable of more than what is outlined in their basic job description. Suppressing your employees drive and motivation is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner. Instead, give your employees something to feel invested in and proud of. Offer incentives, opportunities for advancement, and praise for those who go above and beyond what is required. When individuals feel part of something great, they’re more apt to work hard and brainstorm new and innovative ways of doing their jobs better and more efficiently. As a business owner, you only stand to gain from motivated and creative employees. So, it’s in your best interest to help employees feel safe and supported to dream bigger and make positive changes within the company. Read more here on how to achieve this.


3. They Create Repeat Customers

It’s no secret that customer service is directly linked to customer loyalty. Without impeccable customer service, you won’t see repeat customers or referrals. And for many, this is the heart of your business. Without customers, there is no business. And without driven, passionate, and dedicated employees, there are no customers. Your employees are the ones interacting with your customer base on a daily basis. They are responsible for making patrons feel appreciated, welcomed, and attended to. This concept of showing appreciation and value trickles down from you as the business owner, all the way down to the customer. By showing your staff that you appreciate them, they will take pride in their job and give customers the amazing service they need and require. Simple things like greeting customers as they walk in the door, remember their names or their favorite products, and offering assistance to without being prompted, are all things that help customers feel comfortable and valued by your business. These feelings of appreciation will transfer into return visit, positive reviews, and referrals.


4. They Can Tap into Business Needs

Because your staff is at the forefront of your customer service campaign, they are also your first line of defense against what’s lacking in your business. Are customers displeased with the quality of service? Is there a certain product they’re continually asking for and you don’t have in stock? Are they interested in extended hours or other changes to your business structure? Customers will confide in your employees about what they like and dislike about how your business is run. This doesn’t mean that you need to alter every aspect of your business based on one or two customer suggestions, but knowing what customers want is essential for offering the best service possible. You may never interact directly with a customer and your employees are the ones who bridge this gap of communication. They can easily tell you what customers are saying about how the business is run and what changes they’d like to see. Your staff is an untapped resource that can get a first hand pulse on your customer base.


5. They are the Face of Your Company

Your staff represents you. No matter how you cut it, customers link your employees with your business. How do you want customers to view your company? Having dispassionate, rude, or unhappy employees at the forefront of your business can tarnish your reputation and is a poor reflection on your company as a whole. When you have happy, pleasant, engaged, and invested employees behind the counter, answering phones, and interacting with customers, it speaks volumes for the type of company you’re running. Investing in your staff is truly an investment in the success of your business. All too often business owners focus solely on customers. And yes, customers are an extremely important component of any business. But without the right employees in place, representing you and your beliefs, you won’t attract nor keep the type of customers you’re seeking. Putting your best foot forward as a business owner starts with the people you hire.


So many business owners adopt the belief that the customer is always right and that the customer comes first. Although this is a beneficial mindset to have, it’s not the only one. Don’t narrow your scope by focusing solely on your customers. Without the right employees in place, customers won’t return and then, where will your business be? Create an invested, passionate, and valued staff and you’ll be amazed at the spike in productivity, customer service, and loyalty you see.


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