5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is one of the most useful places to connect with people. It's where you should turn to when it's time to network. So here are five reasons why this social platform should be part of your business' marketing strategy.


1. LinkedIn is a free platform and obviously what everybody knows is great for building business contacts and growing a network.

As a business owner, you must put yourself out there by reaching out to people in your network or even complete strangers who share interests that can help build a relationship. This can lead to opportunities you're looking for. You can use different features of LinkedIn such as Pulse and Answers where you can showcase your expertise and read what other people think about certain topics relevant to your line of work – all for free.

2. You can find potential clients on LinkedIn through the search function.

LinkedIn makes it easier than cold-calling or reaching out via email. Most people have their contact information listed on their profiles. With this, you can gain valuable insights about a company before reaching out. LinkedIn allows users to follow companies so they receive updates if anything happens. By viewing a company's page, you have the opportunity to learn more about their policies, the products they sell, and their history as a whole without having to reach out. This allows you to scout what a specific company needs and how you can initially gauge how to help them. You can immediately scroll through their page and create a pitch directly suited for them!

3. LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with over 500 million members.

With its advanced search features, you can easily find specific professionals you can hire for projects or collaborations. You can join Business groups on LinkedIn so you can discuss certain topics with others who share your interest or opinion. Joining a group is a great way to network with people who share similar views as well as learn new things that you can apply in your line of work and vice versa. For example, SEO outreach specialists can contact other SEO specialists to partner. Another great example is freelancers in the creative industry that can connect each other to different clients. It can even be as simple as sharing a tip with someone. You will experience an increase in traffic to your website and your content might end up getting shared more often than what it already is – all because you joined a community where people like to discuss their thoughts and interact on the same platform.

4. You can create a company page on LinkedIn that will help grow your business and establish yourself as an industry leader.

You can then showcase your business' expertise and the services you provide. Maximizing this opportunity means being able to create an online resume or somewhat a personal identification of your business. You have to make sure to create a company page that's complete with everything your target market would need to know. For example, you're a digital agency. You cannot just simply put that in your bio. You should add the last thing you worked on as a team. More than this, your business, whether it be a product or service must not forget about your branding. Branding is important in LinkedIn or in any social media site. This locks your client immediately depending on how you present your business.

 Another helpful tool is LinkedIn Groups and InMail which is useful if you're looking to market products or services or simply raise awareness about a campaign or event and maintain direct contact with interested parties without revealing their personal information in public view.

5. Content on LinkedIn is more popular than content on other social media sites like Facebook or Twitter because it has a higher level of professionalism.

You have to be careful in your LinkedIn posts. It's not just about being popular with content that allows you to market products or services. With the advanced search function, you can find potential clients or partners for projects or collaborations based on what you share. Thus making it easier for people looking for outsourcing services to find freelancers who are capable of fulfilling their needs.

Most professionals use LinkedIn so sharing something related to your field increases your chances of being recognized by someone else in the same field. If they like what you share, they might ask if you're available for freelance projects or collaborations because there is a better chance that they will end up picking you over others when the time comes. This follows up number 4, your branding is tied with how visible you are on the site. Your activeness is a plus point!

In Conclusion, LinkedIn is a place where professionals are. It's also the best tool to market your business in order to get more clients. Whether you're a freelancer, company, and business owner, building your LinkedIn account establishes yourself as an authority in your field. Therefore, expanding your network and discovering new opportunities that can help improve your career.


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