5 Secrets To Better Outsourcing Relationship

No matter what line of work we are talking about here, outsourcing some of the tasks within your company can be stressful. Switching from in-house to outsourced means you won’t have direct oversight over these people. Is it cost effective? Is it easy? Are there any risks? How can we communicate in the best and most productive way possible?

We understand your concerns and for that reason, we have drawn up this article. Below you can find some secrets that will do wonders for your outsourced business relationship.


Be clear on your goals and wishes

This is the most important and critical part of creating a good outsourcing relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up a long-term contract, or simply working with somebody from project to project – you need to be clear. The moment you decide to start this kind of relationship, you need to set your terms and your wishes clearly. You need to define the relationship at the start so as to avoid any ambiguity and any inconsistencies or misunderstandings.

We suggest you draw up structured, detailed specifications. These should include what your goal is, how you want it done, and how it should look like, as well as the deadline. Basically, include anything from having a product be subcontracted and made in a specific way, to something as simple as having your invoices be drawn up in a specific format and style.


Share as much information as you can

The moment this subcontracted project or work relationship began, you want to have your coordinator or manager get in deeper contact as soon as possible. Whether it’s in person, or perhaps over Skype or phone, they need to exchange info quick. If you want them to do a good job, the company you are outsourcing some of the work to should never be left in the dark for any type of info.

Furthermore, the company you are outsourcing your work to needs to understand if there are any risks associated with this type of work. They need to be aware of any specialized safety standards and precautions they may need to have. If you’re working with a company from overseas, you need to familiarize them with any laws and regulations that are relevant to your country but that simply don’t matter that much in their own area.


Regular reviews will make everyone’s lives easier

Mutual feedback is vital for success. If you’re working long term with this company, you want to give and receive feedback. So, don’t be shy, let them know what you want to be done better, and what you are happy with. Understand that you should be ready to hear the same from them.

If needed, outsource the actual review and feedback process as well. Delegate the work to your advisor, a manager you can trust. If you are seriously unhappy with the performance of a certain subcontractor, letting commercial lawyers that work for you do this might be a good option. The same goes if the subcontractor is unsatisfied with your side of things as well.


Prevention before correction

You should do as much as you can to monitor the work of your outsourced employees and subcontractor. We understand that this may be difficult in some circumstances, but you don’t really have a choice in the matter. It’s always better to prevent the occurrence of an error than to actually correct it later and deal with any arising consequences. You can do this by using some type of specialized monitoring software, or by simply getting very clear and detailed reports on a daily or weekly basis.

Furthermore, keep a log of any and all incidents, should they occur. These will protect you in case the company working for you made a mistake severe enough to warrant legal action against you. Even if all goes well, having ready logs will help both you and the relevant company avoid any potential and possible mistakes that may arise in the future.


Mutual goals

This one essentially influences every one of the above points. Namely, remember that you are all working towards the same goal, whether that’s building a brand, making as much money as possible, changing the world, or providing the best services you can. By just having this thought, by nurturing this kind of mentality, sharing information properly, communicating the right way, it will all become second nature to you.



Outsourcing is a very useful practice in the modern business world. However, you want to make the most of it, and you want to do so fast. The best way to make the most out of this kind of business partnership is by being very thorough when sharing information. Then, remind yourself constantly that you all share a mutual goal. Deliver and ask for feedback, be very clear about your intentions, wants, and wishes, and strive towards transparency.

About the author

Leila Dorari is a Sydney-based freelance writer who is passionate about the ways small businesses can advance implementing even only the small changes. Currently, she is spreading the word about how they can benefit from using quality video conferencing solutions.


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