5 Things That Will Turn Your Competition into Motivation

Life is a race. If we stop, we will fall behind. In fact, if we slow down, we will still fall behind the race. So there is only one way to win. Rush into the competition and keep up the pace with all your strengths and motivations.

Either it’s your real or virtual life, there always will be a competition. Although in this post, we will be talking about online competitions only. I’m sure, some of this post readers will be bloggers, some will be seo experts and some others will be tech geeks. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you will have no gain without beating up your competitors.

But the truth is, always running after the competitors will make you feel dull. Working hard to outrank the competitors is really good, but doing it in the same way is enough to lose all the interests. So what we need turn outs to be alive.

How about turning your competitors into your motivators? I believe, we have lots of things to learn from the competitors. We should also believe that the competitors are tougher than ever. So if we could manage to learn from them to beat themselves, the competition will really turn into a motivation.

Still wondering what to learn from them that motivates? You might look at these 5 points:

Competitor’s Strength

The strengths of your competitors are the main obstacles in the way of your success. The person or website who is ranking before you must have some better qualities than yourself. We should admire consoling, yeah, he is too good. But what if we make some better qualities than him.

And that’s a great motivation for building better strengths and qualities which is sure to succeed. We would never be here if we think, I’m the best. Instead, if we think he is the best, we will get to learn more valuable things around him.

Using strengths to beat others is your competitor’s style. But using much better strength than him would be a kickass opportunity for you to outrank him.   

Competitor’s Weakness

You won’t believe, every single person has strengths as well as weaknesses. Some people hide their weaknesses so cleanly that you will have no choice. And some other people couldn’t find out his own weaknesses that could be hidden.

As there are weaknesses, there must be a way to reveal. Some might be tough, but nothing is impossible. So surely someone is going to take its advantages. What if you manage to use their own weak points against them? That would be a great turning point for you to outrank them very easily.

The world is getting commercial. So you should be a little too. Online success truly depends on how much competitors you can outrank in your niche. For the sack, you might be also choosing this method.

Then why so long, you might get started to follow every single movement of your competitors to find out weaknesses and to use them against themselves.

Competitor’s Success

We know success stories are the biggest motivations for the beginners and, I think, I don’t have to explain why. There is nothing that could motivate you a lot than a success story of a person who is working just like you.

True success is not that easy as we think. It’s not that I will be successful today or tomorrow. In fact, your spirit and work will tell you when you are gonna reach the top of success. To get in this position on any online profession, you have to be working really, really hard.

Suppose you are a web developer and you know a web developer who has made an outstanding website development that ensured him a full time job in a popular company. You will feel really inspired and you will definitely want to be like him.

So this type of success story motivates us that if we could be so nice and determined like him, we might reach that level soon. And that will make your competition a motivation.

Competitor’s Strategy

Strategy is an appropriate work that makes the work easier and the life better. A work or plan without a proper strategy is just like a house without a base. If we look around the online world, the better strategy makes better achievements. So there is no alternative of it.

Our toughest competitors must have some stunning strategies than ours. They might have included something in their strategies that is helping them to rank before us. No doubt that we are missing something valuable that should be cured as soon as possible.

If we think just like I said in the previous para, we will come to realize that we need to work more on making an outstanding strategy. And only then you will feel motivated to compete with the competitors.   

Competitor’s Motivation

Every blogger wants to be like Darren Rowse, every singer wants to be like Michael Jackson, every runner wants to be like Usain Bolt. And these are their motivations, their idols. They get so much energy, so much credibility just thinking about them.

Just like that, your niche competitors must be having their own motivations that will be inspiring them a lot. They will be not only inspired by the name but also by their strategy, by their talent.  

So if you could make time to know about your competitor’s idols, you can personally follow them to learn something new. After all, competing with competitors will not be yawnful anymore.

Over to You

There is a proverb, “No Pain, No Gain”. I still wonder how so many people have succeeded just believing in this phrase. If you get pains, somehow you will gain. That’s mean, hard working with firm determination is the key to success.

But to get relief from the monotony of works, we will need some trends. Refreshment and enjoyment are the two vital things that you can’t work longer or harder without them. Be yourself with your own spirit and talent, no obstacle could stop you.

That was my own thought. So what about yours? I will be eagerly waiting to hear something new from you guys. Good luck…!!! 

About the author

Abrar Mohi Shafee is an internet marketer as well as a blogger. He is most proficient in blogging, seo, website designing and photoshop designing. In fact, he is font of writing blogging tips that would help the beginner bloggers. He is active on his Google+.


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