5 Twitter Accounts Small Business Owners Should Follow

This appears to be conundrum for many business owners, knowing who to follow on Twitter that will be beneficial for their small business.

Many have mixed feelings towards Twitter as a business platform, however, if you're a small business owner who finds Twitter a pointless platform for your business, perhaps it's because you aren't following the right accounts?

Before we get into the Twitter accounts all small business owners should follow, there is one very important factor to remember before following business accounts. You really shouldn't follow all business accounts back. It's not about getting as many followers as possible, it's about getting a good engagement with Twitter accounts who are interested in what you have to say.

If you're followed by a business that is relevant to yours, give them a follow. Even following any 'competitors' Twitter account has plenty of benefits.

Forbes has some of the most influential posts and with almost 15 million followers, you can't go wrong with following this account. A trusted source across all areas, it's a great resource to learn about the wider world of business.


If you're a start up business or an experienced one, Entrepreneur is a great source and provides really reliable business news and tips. They really understand what it's like starting out as a small business and offer great advice and support to their followers.


No matter your thoughts on the Walt Disney Company, they have a lot to teach all business owners, especially with their near monopolisation of the entertainment industry. This particular account follows Disney news and trends.


This account might be for the more techy business owners, as it keeps you in the loop and updated with the latest apps for your business. But this has fantastic crossover opportunities, as technology is always changing how business is done. No matter what your business is, you do rely on technology, and you can always make changes to make your business more efficient.


Ann Handley is considered one of the most influential women in the marketing world. Her company Marketing Profs offers great training and fantastic marketing tips!


Whilst following these accounts will be beneficial for keeping your business up to date with the latest small business news and trends, don't expect to receive a follow back. But do take note on the strategic ways they tweet and the hashtags used.


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