5 Unbreakable Rules of a Successful Business Lunch

The most important business deals are discussed over a great lunch; however, simple mistakes can lead to failure. If you follow five basic rules, your next business meeting will be a huge success.

Discuss Your Plans During Breakfast, Lunch, Or Dinner
Business owners no longer have lunch only during the middle of the day. The term lunch was coined many years ago because business operations were tackled based on nine-to-five schedules. Today, however, most businesses operate 24/7. As a result, traditional lunch is considered as any meal; lunch can be held in the morning or in the afternoon with coffee at any location, such as the Monte Carlo Inns.

Objectives and Agenda

When employees are presented with food, they forget that they are at a business meeting. This is why you must have an agenda that involves what you want to discuss. You must also have defined goals and clear details about what you plan to achieve.

Keep Employee Focused

Food makes employees feel comfort; as a result, they do not focus because they assume a personal stance with other people at the table. Expect some personal chit chat during the meal, but avoid deep personal discussions. Only reveal personal information if it helps you achieve a specific goal.

No Alcohol

A drink during lunch can affect confidence fairly quickly. In the past, businesses had lunch with two martinis, but this is not acceptable anymore. Drinks will impair your abilities, which will prevent you from accomplishing your agenda and business goals.

Keep Everyone Talking

Clients don’t like talking about themselves; they like dialogue and someone who listens. During lunch, you should listen more and talk less. However, you should answer any questions that your clients may have.

Additional Advice

Many business lunches are held during a work day, so everyone will already be dressed in business attire. Though, before everyone goes to the gathering, you must determine if everyone should dress classier. If your clients will dress formal at the lunch, your employees should change into suits before the meeting. If everyone is undressed, your clients will notice.

Proper ordering etiquette is important at a business lunch. If your employees are rude to the wait staff, your clients will not respect your company.

When it is time to order, you should have two items already picked out. If your lunch item is not in the same price range as your client‘s item, downgrade or upgrade your order. 


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