5 Unique Team Building Activities to Energize Your Employees

Although beam building exercises are essential for creating a more productive and successful working environment, it can often be difficult to find the perfect activity for your employees, as most traditional activities tend to be uninteresting and feel more like another work obligation instead of a fun bonding experience. So, instead of tedious duties and tasks, opt for interesting and unusual team building exercises that are not only educational, but also highly enjoyable for the whole team. Here are some of the best team building activities that are bound to energize all of your employees:

Office trivia night

If you’re looking for a very quick and simple team activity that you can do on a regular basis, throwing an office trivia night might be the perfect solution. Start by coming up with a series of questions, divided into three levels of difficulty, that are specific to your company and the workplace. These questions can include anything from “What color is the kitchen wall painted?” and “How many empty offices do we have?” to “How many pets roam our offices?” and “How many people named John are there in the company?”  Not only will answering trivia questions about the business, along with some healthy competition, be a great team bonding exercise, but it will also test how observant and knowledgeable of the company your employees are.


Fun scavenger hunt

Whether you want to break up the creation of office cliques or you simply want to encourage your employees to learn how to work with colleagues from different teams and departments, hosting a scavenger hunt is a great team building exercise idea. Start by breaking your team up into smaller groups of two or three, and then make a list of creative questions and goofy tasks for each group to do together. These tasks can include anything from finding a certain object hidden somewhere in the office to going out and taking pictures of certain landmarks, or even taking selfies with strangers. Then, give the completed list to each group, along with a specific deadline, and whoever completes the most tasks in the shortest amount of time is the winner.


Calming fishing trip

Although it may not seem obvious at first, fishing is the ideal team building activity. Not only does it provide a learning environment for each team member, but it also gives your employees the opportunity to teach and help each other in a tranquil and non-stressful environment. What’s more, the peace and serenity of such an environment gives your team the chance to start conversations that otherwise wouldn’t take place, helping you build trust in each other and come closer together as a team. So, stock up on some quality fishing rods and reels, as well as the best fishing lures, rent a boat, and take your team out to the lake for a quiet, calming and bonding fishing trip.


Exciting go-karting

If your employees are lacking in enthusiasm and excitement, then going go-karting as a team is the perfect option. Whether you create some friendly competition with each other as you rush around the tracks or you decide to divide your employees into two teams that have to work together to beat each other, booking a go-karting session is bound to bring you and your employees closer together and make room for a healthier working environment. As certain karting venues can even accommodate for team building and corporate events, it pays to do your research beforehand. But no matter which option you choose, this exciting activity is bound to be the talk of the office for years to come.


Interesting escape rooms

Although escape room games are one of the most popular team building activities around the world, they are truly classics for a good reason. Having a strict time limit to find hidden, cryptic clues and solve difficult puzzles to escape from a small, locked room will help your team learn how to communicate better and work together more efficiently, making them a stronger and greater group in the workplace as well. Escape rooms are a very non-competitive way of building strong relationships and improving your collaboration and problem-solving skills, making it one of the best team bonding activities for you and your employees.

As you can see, there are many unique and exciting team building activities available for the workplace, which will not only help your employees work together to form a stronger bond, but also make for the most fun and interesting day at work your team has ever had.


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