5 Useful Tricks To Maximize E-Commerce Sales Using Email Marketing Strategy

To succeed in e-commerce business, email marketing is crucial. Big guns of this sector, like Amazon, BestBuy, and Sephora, use email marketing as a tool to attract customers for shopping from their websites. Being in use for years, email is still an essential marketing tool, as it is closer to you in comparison with using the phone. With its usage, you have a direct engagement with your consumers.

In today’s digital world, email is widespread. Therefore, you need to be more creative to stay away from the crowded messages in the email inbox of your shoppers. People usually don’t open promotional emails. You need to create compelling and attractive email titles so that your customers get encouraged to open the mail. For this, you need to have a winning email marketing strategy.


Here are five useful tricks that can help you maximize your e-commerce Sales:


1. Sale Notification

You need to let your customers about the Sale or discount offers going on. Start emailing sale notifications to your subscribers, as they have subscribed your news letters to be aware of the running promotions. You can send emails like this one-


Subject Line - 40% off on Everything Only on Monday 



The value of such an email marketing campaign is beyond the discount of 40%.  The image also showcases the items that have a discount of 40%. With the use of high-quality photos, you can make your customers imagine that they are getting 40% off on the items they need now. Further, you need to make navigation to the relevant departments more comfortable for your buyers. Add call to action button at the end of the image to direct customers to particular products or product sections. Furthermore, you need to include your promotion, whatever it is (10% off, free shipping, or winter sale), in the heading/subject line of your email. Making promotion clearer can make your patrons take action after opening your email.


2. New Product Notification

Making people aware of the new products added in the catalogue/business is one of the most straightforward and most vital email marketing strategies for the e-commerce industry. In this, you do not have to segment your buyers. You can send emails regarding New Product Arrivals to all of your shoppers and request them to check what’s new. For example, you can add your brand name with new products like this one-


 Subject Line - Print Venue’s New Year Collection



As per the term, your new product is entirely new, and you need to show the newness through clear photos of the newly added products. An IT company updates its platform or software products as it discovers or develops something new and exciting. You need to follow the same. While emailing new product notification to your shoppers, you need to be to-the-point and precise. Let the product images or relevant product pages speak themselves. Further, you must let people share the link in their networks. Mention something like In search of gifts this New Year. Check out the same by clicking this link. Make adding a CTA button compulsory for you. So, do it.


3. Birthday Email

A birthday has particular importance in everyone’s life. It is the time when most of the people love to treat themselves. Surely, you will have data (contact number, DOB, etc.) of the patrons who shop from your e-commerce site. Use the data to automate a birthday email with a special gift or offer. With this, you can make your customers feel that they are a vital part of your community and excite them to come back to your e-store for making purchases. For instance, you can send an email like this one -



Best practices for sending compelling birthday emails are as follows:


●  Avoid sending a birthday email manually. Instead, run an automated campaign for sending birthday wishes along with offers by using the birth dates of your esteemed patrons. A one-time investment will help you a lot for years. 

●  In today’s world, people love visuals more than texts. So, you need to add attractive imagery with your email. For eye catchy imagery, you can ask for professional help from a company like iCustomLabel to create custom stickers and labels. Attractive visuals encourage people to get something.

●   Utilize the action-oriented CTA button. Avoid using generic terms on your CTA button and try to compose terms like Claim Now and Get Your Chocolates Free with Birthday Cakes. According to Campaign Monitor, using a compelling CTA button increases around 10% click through rate.     


4. Ask for Reviews

Getting feedback from buyers is one of the essential email marketing components for the e-commerce industry. Lyfe Marketing states that 92% of people go through the reviews before purchasing from an e-commerce site. Therefore, getting reviews for your products is vital for your online business. With this, you can update or redesign your products if required. Mention your shoppers that their opinion about the used products is valuable and helps you expand your business.


You need to make writing product reviews easy for your customers. Request them to place their feedback directly in the reply of your email or click the given the link in the email. You can ask your consumers to provide a star rating. Besides, request to write a few words if they want.


5. Email Marketing Software

Using email marketing software is the best thing you should do. Automate your campaign or start using a tool if you haven’t automated your email marketing or you aren’t using any software tool. With the use of the right automation tool, you can maintain a consistency and scalability in your e-commerce email marketing campaigns. By setting up automated email marketing campaigns, you can do the following cool things:


●  Send a series of welcome emails to new subscribers of your online business

●  Remind your buyers what they checked but left through abandoned cart emails

●  Send personalized emails with discount offers on their special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays

●  Share content

●  Advertise your business events or webinars   



Email marketing for your e-commerce business should be focused on building trust and enhancing your relationship with your customers. Use emails to get reviews and make people aware of what you are offering. Besides, focus on improving your SEO rank and social media presence to let shoppers find you when they look for the products you offer. 


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