5 Ways to Build a Strong and Successful Business Team

Creating a thriving team has always been one of the more cumbersome challenges that every business leader needs to face at some point, but during difficult times when a global pandemic strikes or during a recession, this task can oftentimes seem unsurmountable. Now that companies are forced to send many of their employees home, managers and leaders are facing a difficult task of keeping team cohesion and co-dependence alive, while maintaining productivity and output.

That said, many countries around the world are now allowing employees to come back to work and rejoin their colleagues in their shared workplace. This presents new challenges of assimilating team members back into the employee collective. That’s why today we’ll be tackling these problems head on, and give you the blueprint to build a strong and successful business team to revolutionize your business this year.


Welcome team members into your brand family

First things first, understand that creating a thriving employee collective is not just about the perks that you offer or the tools that you use to streamline workflow – it’s also about making sure your employees feel like they are a part of your brand. There is a reason why global business leaders emphasize brand building and brand optimization so much in their hiring and team-building strategies, because the brand is the glue that holds their employees together, and inspires them to keep pushing towards a common goal.

After all, experienced leaders know that modern employees want and need to feel that they are a part of a brand’s family, they need to feel like they are contributing to something truly worthwhile. With that in mind, be sure to use your brand identity to welcome new employees into your company, and help your experienced employees feel like an integral part of your business.


Integrate a project management tool

Nowadays, you can’t hope to lead a successful team of passionate employees without technology and various tools that will streamline numerous processes and make the lives of your employees just a little bit easier on a daily basis. Integrating project and team management tools is especially important if you’re trying to find and onboard remote employees without wasting resources, because these tools allow you to run a thriving digital workplace where employees can work and collaborate seamlessly no matter where they are in the world.

Choosing the right project management tool is imperative, though, as you have to make sure that this software has all of the necessary features for your employees to be as productive and satisfied as possible. Be sure to choose a cloud-based solution that allows everyone to work efficiently and effectively on a centralized platform.


Focus heavily on team building

Speaking of managing employees successfully no matter where they are, sometimes you simply have to organize a team-building event that will bring your employees together and help create a thriving collective. Of course, doing this is paramount if you have remote employees around the world, because you want your in-house team members to create a healthy, personal relationship with their colleagues.

To that end, you can take your employees on a team-building trip to another country. For example, now that Australia is opening up its borders to international travel, you can use an Australia's luxury travel guide to organize a team meetup in an up-scale coworking space in Sydney or Melbourne, after which you can fill up your itinerary with fun activities for the entire team around town and beyond. This is a great way for your employees to see the world while they develop an amazing relationship with their colleagues.


Be the leader your team needs

Now more than ever before, teams require a strong leader who will guide them and advise them every step of the way. If your goal is to survive this crisis and turn your business into a success, then you have to be the leader that your team members want and deserve, which means that you need to work actively to improve their everyday life in the office, streamline processes and improve workflow, and simply bring the team closer together with your guidance and support.

Be sure to take your leadership role seriously and use team monitoring software to gauge the performance of individual members. This will allow you to personalize their growth strategies and take a personalized approach to improving the productivity of every team member.


Build a thriving company culture

Last but not least, building a successful team means building a thriving company culture. It is your job as a leader to build that culture on the foundation of equality, respect, transparency, honesty, co-dependence, communication, and trust. Be sure to use team-building events to achieve this, but also conduct regular meetings with the team as well as one-on-one calls to address every issue and concern head on.


Wrapping up

Creating a strong and successful team in these uncertain times can be a challenge, but remember that there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you follow the right steps. Use these tips to make your team stronger than ever before, and take your company forward in 2020 and beyond.


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