5 Ways to Collect Donations Online for Your Nonprofit

To deliver nonprofit services, you must make online fundraising a priority. It's not a simple strategy. The ways in which donors can contribute and the means to process those donations has evolved.

To better help you with running your nonprofit, here are five easy steps you can follow to collect donations online. Not only will these steps help you collect donations, but they will also help maximize contributions.


1. Driving Traffic to Your Website

You website is a key marketing component of your nonprofit. It should be prominently displayed on email signatures, marketing materials, social media and signage.

Everyone should know how to find your website. Upon visiting your site, guests should be able to easily identify and navigate to your donation page.

Another key method of online visibility is search engine optimization. If you don’t properly set up your website content, technical foundation, and develop a backlink profile from other websites, it will be extremely hard for people to find you on Google.


2. Using Emails for Direct Solicitation

Emails are an effective means of raising money online. Your organization must have someone responsible for email communications to current and prospective donors.

Even when sending emails not focused on fundraising, you should still place at least one donation solicitation somewhere in the email. It can be placed in the email body or at the ends of emails with a "Donate Here" button or donation link in your signature.


3. Through Engaging Social Media Post

Emails do present a hurdle for online fundraising. How do you get attention amidst flooded inboxes? Successful online fundraising also utilizes social media. Stand out through engaging social media posts.

Capture benefactors and services via photos. Use video to obtain first-hand accounts as to how donations are used. Social media can be a very useful tool for online fundraising.


4. Utilizing a Payment Processing Company

Nonprofit payment processing companies make online fundraising easier than ever. They provide secure methods for collecting, databasing and reporting. Companies like Acceptiva are equipped to handle donations 24 hours a day, all year long.

More specifically they handle five key areas of online giving. They enforce security surrounding online gifts. They also manage merchant accounts and oversee payment gateways responsible for connecting websites to those merchant accounts.

Online payment processing companies ensure donations are tax-deductible, and they provide a line of defense should unforeseen account issues develop.

 Lastly, processing companies provide real-time, accurate and dependable records for all of your donation activity.


5. Continued Stewardship

Stewardship results in more donations. Continued engagement means more donors will give again. It also increases the chances of donors encouraging others to give. When a donor knows that their gift is appreciated, they feel more invested.

Don't just follow-up with a thank you and receipt of donation. Make sure donors stay connected will all online efforts. Keep creating engaging emails and continue to drive them to your website and social media content.

Above are five ways to collect money for your nonprofit. By adhering to the strategies presented above, you can maximize online fundraising and deliver even more services to the people you serve. Best wishes for continued success!

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