6 Businesses Perfect for the First Time Entrepreneur

Many of the most industrious individuals are not looking to make their way up the corporate ladder, but to pave their own way with a unique business idea. Whether it is to make a little extra money on the side or turn one’s passions into a source of income, these six options may be just what the entrepreneur needs to get their feet wet. 

1. Computer Consultant

Even those that are not professionally trained may have a good amount of experience within the field of computers and technology, and these skills are highly marketable. The startup costs are relatively cheap, often nothing more than a few diagnostic tools and some basic software, and these can be used to setup new computers, add hardware, troubleshoot problems, debug software, and maintain networks. 

2. Off-Season Gardening

During the peak season of a specific fruit or vegetable, selling produce from one’s home garden is not going to be very profitable. For those with some extra space in their home or on their property though, growing and selling produce off-season to family, friends, and local restaurants can be quite productive, especially for fruits and vegetables that are typically imported. 

3. Custom Clothing

Creating a custom clothing business often requires nothing more than a website, some basic software, an affordable screen printing machine, and some basic supplies such as hangars from National Hanger Company and a place to store merchandise. Customers simply input their design, the business owner is notified of the order, and supplies are only purchased and used as they are needed. 

4. Ghost Writing

For those that want a competitive edge on the internet, maintaining consistent and useful information is an absolute must, but many website owners simply do not have the time to do this themselves. A quality ghost writer can take control of a business’s daily and weekly writing projects under a pen name to produce blogs, white papers, newsletters, emails, and more. 

5. Transportation and Delivery

Putting one’s vehicle and driver’s license to good use is a great way to make some extra money as a side job or for seasonal work. A number of companies now organize contract workers in order to carry out everything from picking up weekly groceries to driving parties home during the holiday season. 

6. Meal Prep

Anyone that enjoys cooking food should consider meal preparation as a way to earn extra income. Many times, business owners simply start with family and friends to help cover the cost of each meal, often feeding their family for free in the process. As the customer-base expands, creating pre-packaged meals for schools, businesses, and families can become as lucrative as a full-time job. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to money-making operations, and entrepreneurs that are ready to move away from the corporate grind should focus on their passions and then create a business plan around those passions. 


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