6 Clever Ways to Market Your Brand New Business

From catalogs to social media networks, many businesses are using traditional and popular ways to market their business. Stand out from the crowd by using creative and clever ways to market your brand new business, which can help you increase profits and gain popularity.

1. Volunteer for a Reputable Charity

Volunteering for one or more charities under your business name is a beneficial way to market your business. By volunteering, not only can you network with potential clients at charity events, but you can also show others that you care about the community. If you take photos during the event, you can use them as media for a press release for your business.

2. Sponsor a Local Sports Team

You don't have to sponsor the big names to get your business name out there. Instead, start small by choosing a local sports team to sponsor. If you have kids or family members with children who are in sports teams, you more than likely will be able to gain an easy sponsorship for these teams.

3. Create a Customized Car Decal

Having a customized car decal for your business gives your business more awareness when drivers behind you take notice of it. Even when you're not working, you can still promote your business with a decal or bumper sticker.

4. Utilize PDF Software for Your Content

PDF editing software can help you to transform your online content into something that can be downloaded or printed. If you use a blog to market your business and provide useful content to visitors, create a PDF for each blog post and share the download link with your readers to give them an easier way to save your content. You can also have a compilation of your blog posts in PDF form and offer it as an e-book for your followers.

5. Add QR Codes to Your Paper Marketing Materials

You can add QR codes on marketing materials, such as business cards, to help your clients access your website and social media sites on smartphones. QR codes make it convenient for your customers to connect to your business web pages and quickly find more information about your business.

6. Create Origami With Money

Before you leave a hotel or restaurant, give a tip in a simple origami form and leave your business card with it. By creating origami from the tip, you will be able to draw attention to your business. You can also develop strong customer relationships if you constantly visit this restaurant.

Marketing your business doesn't have to be dull. By thinking outside the box, you can find unique marketing techniques to boost your business exposure.


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