6 Important Steps For Growing An Online Business

The progression of technology has affected nearly every facet of modern life and how one builds and grows their business is no exception. This is especially true for those businesses which are focused entirely online. Simply having an online presence, such as a website, Facebook page, or Twitter account is not enough. Growing one’s business means increasing visibility and connecting with potential customers.

Not everyone has the initial capital to invest in large scale marketing campaigns or pay for high visibility ad space. Some have to take other, smaller-scale measures if they wish to succeed and experience the level of growth they require to become profitable. In this article, we will cover the most essential ways to grow one’s online business.

Create Original, Quality Content, And Often: Quality content is still one of the largest driving forces behind visibility and traffic. It has, and for good reason, been a cornerstone of sales, traffic, and sales. The logic behind this is simple; people look for quality information about a product or service before they choose to purchase it.


This is the information age and never before have consumers been more educated about what they are buying. Delivering quality content provides an opportunity for a consumer or potential customer to put trust in one’s brand. It also allows the business owner to move the reader towards their product funnel.


Increase Page Load Time: This is one of the easiest ways to improve the user experience of one’s website. “A recent study by Amazon concluded that every 100 milliseconds reduced from a page's loading time translates to roughly a 1% increase in sales.” writes Harry Blandon, a career writer at 1Day2writeand Australia2write. Improving loading time is an easy and reliable way to grow one’s business by improving user experience.


Sites that load slowly or are slow to respond to user input almost always have much higher click off rates than sites that load and respond quickly.


Ensure Site Is Mobile Friendly: The habits of online shoppers have changed drastically since the invention of smartphones. “People are now much more likely to make smaller item purchases, like those under one hundred dollars, on their phone while they are out of the house.” writes Brenden Allard, a business writer at Britstudent and Nextcoursework. Sites that are not optimized to be used on mobile will have a hard time competing with those businesses that ensure their sites are mobile friendly.


Precisely identify Target Market: This is an area where many business owners fail; they do not identify exactly who is most likely to buy their product. By doing this one can get the most out of their advertising efforts by making sure they target exactly the right kind of people. Spending money on advertising and marketing that does not reach the appropriate people is a waste of money. Fortunately, Google and Facebook have become quite adept at matching advertisers with potential customers. This is still one of the most cost effective methods around.


Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Content: Search engines use a complex algorithm to determine which results are displayed to a user when a search query is performed. While the algorithm itself may be complicated taking advantage of it is not. The best way to SEO one’s content and website is by using tools like Google Keyword Search, Moz, and Ahrefs to determine which keywords and phrases users most likely search when looking up a product or service. These keywords can then be strategically placed in one’s content, headings, image descriptions, and links. There are many online tutorials that explain how to do this.


Create An Email List: This is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing and still one of the most effective. Emails lists are easy and effective because it requires very little upkeep on behalf of the business owner. People sign up for the list and an automated email tool adds the individual to the list. The only thing the owner must do is create email content to send out on a regular basis. Email lists are probably the lowest cost to benefit items on this list and should be implemented by all online businesses.

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