6 Ways Handwritten Letters can help you Get More Clients

As you set to open your email inbox in the morning, a bundle of messages would be waiting for you to read. Do any of them excite you or last in your mind for even a day? Electronic messages are losing their impact on people. Again, think about handwritten letters or a note specially delivered to your doorstep weighs much more significance than the previous method.

The “snail mail” form of communication is reappearing in the industry. From small businesses to large, people are incorporating the conventional way of contacting customers and clients alike. Handwritten letters are breaking the monotony of texts and expressions in the business. There are plenty of reasons why you need to switch to this old, yet the fresh trend of communication, one is getting more clients.


Here are a few ways your handwritten notes establish the possibilities of increasing your client figures.


1. Makes your Clients feel Valuable

Technology makes things easy but excludes the essence of value. Taking out time to compose a handwritten message for your client will exhibit your willingness to establish a potential relationship. The words you put into it will express that you care. Without the assistance of spell checks, backspace, or editing, your effort of writing and rewriting to achieve the best composition on a piece of paper holds immense worth. The recipient understands this, and that inculcates the feeling to connect with your brand/company.


When you show that they are special, these letters confirm your desire to bond with someone and convey the friendship in a meaningful way. You may fall short of words or may not get it right, but the appreciation even shows in a word or two, such as Congratulations and Thank You.


2. Attracts Attention to Your Brand

Business bonding over the digital medium is huge. If you can do something different from the rest, you will attract attention. Handwritten letters allow you to stand out from the crowd. It gives you that edge necessary in today’s cut-throat completion where thousands of brands are coming out with similar genres of products. A neatly crafted phrase written by hand can grab the interest of clients that can last for a longer period than that machine-made text formats.


As an initial step to build the acquaintance, a handwritten letter fits perfectly to display the distinctiveness of your services. Scrolling through similar marketing strategies in emails cannot make you noticeable. Also, the client will remember you by relating to the unique handwriting and the right words. What you create yourself skips the chances of plagiarism too, which is sadly, quite common on the internet.





3. Makes Use of Human Senses

Remember the time in school/college when you used to prepare notes? It was to arouse your mind, to develop the capacity of writing, and boost retention.


You and your client get to use more of your senses through handwritten materials. Merely typing away can be dull and seem mechanical without allowing you to use creativity. And with ready-to-apply formats, make it even more boring. A study confirms that writing involves your cognitive skills and lets you use your mind while you pen down the words. It also uses your visual skills, as you need to look at the paper and phrase the sentence.


Even your clients will be able to touch, see, and smell the paper and feel the connection with you. Along with those letters, you can include business cards, some product samples, invoice template, and company profile.


4. Promotes a New Business

If you have a small business, you need endorsements. Handwritten notes to clients can help you achieve that. From the limited number of contacts you have, pick one closest to you, with whom you share a positive relationship by now. Create sections of clients and send them a handwritten note expressing gratitude for the opportunity to bond. You can send them personalized gifts along with the note.


Additionally, that also includes word of mouth marketing, where your best clients will tell other prospective clients in a similar business that you are a newbie in the market. The information will be in a positive tone, sharing the potential of your company to add something new in the business. The capacity to send notes in bulk will give you a wide scope of encouragement and gain more clients.


5. New Level Client Service

Expanding the idea of segmentation, sending handwritten notes to clients on special occasions, festivals or holidays, repeating clients, etc. can also take your business to the next level. It makes your business customer-centric. There are several birthdays every month. On your client’s special day, sending a handwritten letter with your real signature and some gifts in the form of discount coupons or products can win hearts. It will make them feel precious and realize that you remember and value the day. Some clients support your business and send you feedback every time. Letting them know that you value their opinion through the gifts and letters will encourage both ends to continue the relationship and help each other achieve the best.


6. Creates a Keepsake

An email is just a click away from getting deleted. But a note or letter on a paper with a unique handwriting and good ink is a great tangible material that works as a souvenir. It is there to stay. If the words work like magic, it will make them hold and read it, allowing them to immerse themselves in the feelings of this gesture. These letters of one or more pages will draw the attention of your clients even though they are busy. It can be a small note of thank you, congratulations, and get well soon or a few pages explaining your desire and encouragement to connect with them.  



Actions do speak louder than words. Blend of both action and words into a beautiful handwritten note can an impression to last forever. At least, that is how a business can make its mark and set examples.


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