6 Worthy Online Marketing Tools That Will Cost

In order to be successful as an online marketer, you must invest in quality marketing tools that will make you more efficient at your job. Part of your job probably consists of some very repetitive tasks. What if you had a tool at the ready that could complete the tasks you're used to doing by hand, completely automatically? It would make your life a lot easier, right? That's what marketing tools are designed for and if you have an online marketing company, then you'll find the 6 tools below to be worth every penny.


1 - Ultimate Demon (SEO tool)

Ultimate Demon is an SEO tool produced by Edwinsoft. Previously, they produced tools like Article Marketing Demon, Blog Comment Demon, and Social Bookmarking Demon. Some of these tools were wildly popular, but they didn't offer much functionality. Ultimate Demon combines the features of these previous tools all into one package. It provides an effective way to register and submit to a wide variety of sites including web 2.0 social sites, article directories, press release sites, pdf/doc sites, video directories, and more. When you need to build backlinks for your SEO campaigns, Ultimate Demon can be an excellent tool to have.


2 - Scrapebox (SEO tool)

Tools like Ultimate Demon are only useful when you have another tool like Scrapebox that helps you harvest websites. Scrapebox is the most efficient search engine scraper on the market. With this tool, you can quickly harvest a list of thousands of websites that all carry a single footprint. Footprints are terms like "Powered by (Script name here)." Scrapebox helps you develop a list of websites that are all ran by the same software. It's also efficient for scraping emails and other similar tasks.


3 - NIX Proxy Suite (Proxy tool)

When you're using software like Ultimate Demon and Scrapebox, you won't get very far without proxies. Private proxies are generally the best route to go because they are faster and more reliable, but NIX Proxy Suite is the best tool out for finding public proxies. With this tool, you can find hundreds of working proxies that you can use for your SEO tools.


4 - SENuke XCR (SEO tool)

SENuke XCR can be an expensive purchase for some, so it's not as highly recommended as a tool like Ultimate Demon. However, if you've got $150/month to spare, SENuke XCR provides the best registration and submission process to popular places that you may want to obtain links from. It's a bit more expensive than some of the other options on the market, but it works flawlessly and it's regularly updated too.


5 - Rank Tracker (Search engine rankings)

Tracking your rankings in the search engines is impossible without a tool. Doing this job manually could take you hours. With a tool like Rank Tracker, developed from the team over at Link Assistant, you can track your rankings completely automatically. The software allows you to input your URL's and keywords and within just minutes you will have a clear representation of your search engine presence. The tool even provides reporting features so that you can use it for clients of yours.


6 - Micro Niche Finder (Keyword research)

Whether you need to find keywords for a new pay per click campaign, or a search engine optimization, Micro Niche Finder is the tool to use. It's completely Google friendly and supports only one proxy at a time and it helps you locate competitive keywords within your niche. The tool integrates complex features that can help you trim down results based off competition, ad price, and much more. Doing keyword research manually would take you two to three times as long as it does when you use Micro Niche Finder.

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Stevie Clapton works for McKremie Marketing in Orange County, an online market strategy company


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