7 Days Left to Cast Your Vote and Support Your Small Business Idol

Well, the clock is always ticking in our biz/lives. This week there is an important countdown you may want to note. You have only a week until next Wednesday (December 9th) to vote for grant winner, if you haven't already done so.

The finalists for this eighth Idea Cafe's Small Business Grant have demonstrated an inventive approach which will undeniably inspire others who come to IdeaCafe seeking advice on starting and running a business. Plus they've shown us they have a plan to reach out and help others in some way. That is why we encourage you to support them by casting a vote for one of the finalists who according to you deserves to win $1,000.00 from Idea Cafe.

Since the poll for deciding the winner of the current grant was open, the finalists have received significant support from their admirers. The competition is going very strong. Below you can see the current distribution of votes.

The results show that Moth Attack has received the largest percentage of votes. The poll is still into the hundreds range, so their lead is not impossible to overtake. Nothing is decided yet. There is still time, until December 9th, for the overall picture to change.

If you wish to cast your vote and to change the picture do it now. Free Idea Café registration is required.



Exodus Studios...definitely!!!

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