7 Great Tips & Tricks for Creating Short Videos That Boost Customer Loyalty

A marketer’s job is to find and implement the best strategies available that can help them reach the goals they’ve set. From raising brand awareness to boosting customer loyalty, they need to diversify their tools, try out different campaigns, and test how their audience responds. However, in the last couple of years, one form of digital marketing has been on the rise, constantly growing more important and being more widely used by marketers. It’s video marketing.

Video marketing is effective in terms of audience engagement, product placement, branding, and entertainment. Viewers reportedly retain 95% of a message when they watch it through video, according to Forbes. This is why marketers are trying to improve their video marketing strategy and learn new tricks. And, short videos are top of marketers' list, especially when it comes to boosting customer loyalty.


If you're already creating short videos but want to improve, or you're just getting started with it- just keep reading. Here are 7 great short video creation tips and tricks for boosting customer loyalty that you’ll love.

1. Educate Your Viewers

When it comes to content, providing value is a key element. The same goes for short video content.


To boost customer loyalty, you have to give them something meaningful, useful, and practical. That's why your short videos should aim at providing the information your viewers need. Most commonly, those short videos are:

-    explainer videos showing how to use a product, a tool, or software

-    tutorial videos showing step-by-step processes

-    how-to-videos

-    tips & tricks videos sharing insightful instructions and guidance


Let's say you're a cosmetics brand selling beauty and makeup products. You could share short videos such as:

-   “Morning Face Cleansing Routine- How to do it Right”

-   “5 Tips For the Best Smokey Eyes Effect”


You'll be showing your audience exactly how to use your products, and teaching them about the proper strategies they'll continue applying.


By helping your customers understand your products or services, you're making sure they remain loyal to the brand.

2. Create Video Series

You may feel that 1 or 2-minute videos can’t get you anywhere. They’re too short to incorporate any important information or allow you to elaborate on a topic.


But, a series of short videos covering the same topic can work wonders. Here's why:

-   according to the Wyzowl video marketing report, 69% of people prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service

-   some viewers find longer videos to be tiresome, and they skip parts to find specific information

-   short videos are easy to digest


If you're a brand selling home security systems and gadgets, you could create a series of videos titled "How to Feel Safe at Home". Each video will cover the installation and usage of one security gadget or tool:

-    smart locks

-    smoke detectors

-    security cameras

-    etc.


A series of short videos will help you cover all the information you want but in a fun, engaging, and desirable manner.

3.  Share Behind-The-Scene Videos

Brand loyalty is built on trust and trust is built on knowing more about the brand, where it comes from, and who's behind all the products you love. This is why behind-the-scene videos can boost customer loyalty and make them feel more familiar and closer with your brand.


These short videos can show:

-   how a product is made

-   a typical day at the office

-   the team behind the newest product launch

-   company culture


It should show footage of your employees in their natural work environment, doing what they do best. Let your employees talk about their experiences, time spent in the company, and why they love their job.

4. Publish User-Generated Videos

Another way to boost customer loyalty through short videos is to publish user-generated ones. Videos made by or about your actual customers can significantly boost your credibility and inspire more people to trust you as a brand.

The social proof that dominates these videos is what makes them so powerful. Think about different ways of collecting UG videos:

-  run a video contest on a given topic, with clear instructions

-  invite some of your loyal customers to take part in a video campaign

-  ask your customers to publish videos on their social media and tag you, so you can repost


These videos are perfect for your social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram since you get to tag the customers in the video and continue interacting with them in the comments section.


UG videos will personalize your brand, and make your viewers feel more confident in staying loyal to it.

5.  Tell Engaging Stories

Storytelling is certainly among the strongest and most compelling marketing strategies out there, and it gets even better when the stories are told through videos. Storytelling is brilliant for customer loyalty since it has all the elements they love:

-   evoking certain emotions

-   showing people in a real-life situation

-   relating to the story

-   not being about a sale


Make sure the stories you write are genuine and not overly “advertisy”. If you need help with writing storytelling video scripts, Affordable Papers has writing experts ready to jump in. Portray people who represent your target customers and cover their pain points, issues, and experience with your brand.

6. Team up With Influencers

Influencer marketing can be perfectly combined with video marketing. Influencers can make an impact through a 2-minute video and make any given message stand out.


The important thing is that you find the right influencer. And, we don't mean someone with a huge followers' base. It should be someone who:

-   shares the target audience with you

-   your target audience relates to

-   is an expert in your industry or niche

-   is a local influencer for your geo-targeted campaigns

-   stands for the same values as your brand


Micro-influencers can make a huge impact if you pair them up with the right brand. They can help you not only boost customer loyalty but also increase sales and strengthen your brand image. So, think about the people who’ll deliver your message credibly, and someone your audience will trust.

7.  Thank You Videos

Your customers love feeling like a part of your brand’s family. They like to be familiar with your brand story, company values, team members, and new ideas. In a way, they help you build your brand by sharing their opinions, leaving reviews, making comments, and asking the right questions.


Think about thanking your customers by using short thank-you videos that will show your appreciation. Thank them for:

-   supporting a cause you advocate

-   taking part in an event you organized

-   making you the number-one local brand in your industry

-   helping you open another retail store

-   sharing their ideas to help you launch a new product line


Thank you videos will show your target audience you love having them as your customers, and you appreciate them being so loyal. It'll definitely boost customer loyalty and strengthen those bonds even further.

Final Thoughts

Creating short videos that engage your audience and boost their loyalty is quite a task. Still, with the right guidance, some creativity, and solid knowledge of your audience, you can easily create an outstanding short video marketing strategy.


The 7 tips and tricks we've shared above will help you create short videos that speak to your audience and help you build strong, long-term relationships with th


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