7 Office Design Tips for Your Thriving Startup

As you’re hopefully experiencing, there is nothing – repeat nothing! – more exhilarating in the business world than being at the helm of a thriving startup. And one of the big reasons is that you get to make important decisions that have a far reaching, if not profound impact on your business’s future; and indeed, it’s ultimate legacy. And that brings us to the topic of office design.

Simply put – and perhaps surprisingly – the office design decisions you make today will play a role in your startup’s success tomorrow. To put you on the right track, here are seven practical, yet visionary office design tips that will elevate your startup onwards and upwards:

  1. Align your office design choices with your startup’s signature culture and brand, so that it feels like an expression and extension of your identity.
  2. Implement an open office environment that enables collaboration and interaction, so that your staff works together vs. in silos and on islands. At the same time, make sure there is enough privacy and quiet time for when your people need to go heads-down and focus on their tasks.
  3. Consider a hot desking layout, which allows staff to sit anywhere vs. at assigned spaces. In addition to being more flexible and functional, you’ll save money by getting more usage out of your available space.  
  4. Use modular, lightweight furniture that can be easily moved around and repurposed based on your needs (e.g. delivering a presentation in the morning, brainstorming in the afternoon, etc.).
  5. Choose colors that support productivity and concentration. For example, blue is better than red, green is better than orange, and so on. Remember: what looks great on a package, logo or website may not be so agreeable if staff must stare at it for 50+ hours a week at the office! It’s fine to be creative, but remember that color, mood and performance are all related.
  6. Make choices that demonstrate your commitment to being an environmentally friendly firm. In addition to helping protect the environment and reducing your energy bills, you can leverage this in your brand and proposals to impress clients and win business.
  7. Get the advice and help you need from a reputable and experienced office design company. In addition to introducing you to a wealth of possibilities -- including many that you have probably not imagined – they can create richly detailed 3D renderings of layout and design ideas that will help you see what’s in store before you make a final decision.

The Bottom Line

It goes without saying that you are putting everything in your startup to ensure that it survives and thrives. If you follow the above tips, then you’ll be assured that your office design is working as hard as you are!


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