7 Profitable Business Ideas for Single Moms

Most people envision themselves becoming parents at one point in their lives, but not so many people fantasize about becoming single parents. Those who have experienced it know: being a single mom implies that you're the mother, father, cook, driver, nurse, and everything in between. Once you add the stress of trying to provide for your children while also being able to spend quality time with them, many start to wonder whether it is possible to have it all. Do successful single moms exist outside of Hollywood movies? The answer to both of these questions is - of course! A few profitable business ideas for single moms and a pinch of perseverance are all you really need.

1.  Copywriting

If you have good grammar and some writing skills, you might want to look into copywriting. Flexible working hours make this kind of work remarkably appealing to single moms, and the fact that this can be both a full-time job or a side hustle is not too shabby either. Persuasiveness is vital for succeeding in copywriting, and since you have to get your kids to eat, sleep, and put on clothes every day, this means you already have it in you.

2.  Online teaching

When you hear the word teacher, you probably picture a person who has to work very hard while being paid peanuts. Well, that is a thing of the past! The demand for online classes has exploded over the last couple of years which means finding a job as an online teacher is easier than ever. Besides, you teach your kids many things every day, so why not get paid to do it? This kind of work is perfect for single moms as it means you'll be working from home and enjoying a lot of free time with your kids. You can teach almost anything, but English classes are most sought-after. All you need is a generous smile and a decent laptop. Oh, and some noise-canceling headphones for when your children decide to watch TV and open bags of chips *not quietly*.

3.  Blogging

Another writing-related option among profitable business ideas for single moms is blogging. Not only is this a great way to earn a living for your family, but depending on the kind of blogging you choose, it can be a form of therapy or entertainment, as well. You can opt for various formats of blogs - from the typical website to Instagram or YouTube. Whether you choose to post about fashion or film vlogs about single mom life, make sure you're honest, relatable, and comfortable with what you're sharing. This way, you will gain a significant number of followers, which will open up the door to ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. And that is where this business idea becomes truly profitable!

4. Graphic design

For moms with an artistic side, graphic design might be a good option. Platforms like Behance, Upwork, 99designs, among many others, offer a plethora of different projects to work on, and some of them might become full-time jobs, as well. From designing logos and T-shirts to websites and children's books, you can choose whatever fits your style and mood best. If you have the talent but lack the knowledge, there are countless online courses and YouTube videos for any question or perplexity you might have. Make sure to put a lot of effort into your portfolio, as this will be your ticket to better job opportunities. It takes a minute to gain some credibility as a designer, but once you do, work is guaranteed. And well-paid, too!

5.  Online store

Do you enjoy treasure hunting around flea markets and thrift stores? Or have you ever made something nifty with your own two hands? Why not turn your hobby into a business? Nowadays, countless platforms can connect you with people willing to buy anything from vintage clothes to crafts and artwork with little to no investment needed. Yes, there is some serious competition, but if you make your store stand out by being creative with your presentation or offering unique products, you are bound to gather a loyal customer base.

And if you are worried about your home becoming a warehouse, you can always clean out your garage and use that space for any work-related things, including storage. This way, you turn your garage into a space you can use and finally take care of that organizing tasks you kept postponing. Two birds with one stone, right?

6.  Virtual assistance

One superpower that most moms (especially single moms) have is staying organized while leading a hectic lifestyle. Yes, the laundry is not always folded, and the dishes might be dirty from time to time, but your kids have clean clothes and three meals a day every day! A way for single moms to put this skill to good use is to become a virtual assistant. As a VA, you can independently work from home while performing various services for many different clients. These services usually include managing social media, finances, scheduling, and paperwork, to name a few. Like with any other type of freelancing, online platforms are your best bet when it comes to gaining exposure.

7.  Digital marketing

Lastly, it wouldn't be fair to talk about profitable business ideas for single moms without mentioning digital marketing. To start your career in this field, you don't need any form of formal education. Being Internet savvy and having a will to learn is enough. You might want to brush up your LinkedIn profile as this is where you can land some serious business opportunities. The working hours are usually flexible, so you can always take an hour to help your kids with homework or make an after-school snack. As a digital marketer, you can choose to work on your own brand or business, or find full-time remote employment in a company. Either way, knowledge in this area is sure to pay off.

Whichever career you decide to pursue, remember not to give up as soon as it gets hard. And don’t feel obligated to go for what seems to be the highest-paid line of work. The most profitable business ideas for single moms are the ones that allow them to do something they're good at while leaving enough time for the family.


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