7 Ways to Boost Online Sales for business Using Email Marketing

Many entrepreneurs are so focused on SEO, link building, and social media, but forget about the power of email marketing. Email marketing is an effective way to increase online sales if done correctly. It helps business owners build meaningful relationships with online customers through regular communication.

However, driving sales via email marketing was never easy, but you can make this tactic work for your online business by customizing your emails to your shopper's needs. In this post, we’ll share with you seven email marketing tips so that you can increase your online sales.


1.  Send Welcome Emails

You need to build a strong relationship with your customers through an efficient welcome email strategy after you have successfully lured them to sign up on your website. Welcome emails are meant to start a good relationship with your customers and help them get more comfortable with you.


Sent a welcome message to your customer immediately they sign up on your website. Thank them for signing up, and you can also offer them a percentage off their first purchase. This email could make them complete a sale if they are on the fence about making a purchase before.


2.      Build your subscriber list

You should never stop adding to your emails list even if you’ve already got a long list of emails for clients. Your whole campaign can be unproductive if you don’t have a long email list to send out your engaging content.


Growing your email mailing list can be challenging. The ideal thing here is that you will need to incentivize your customer with an offer in exchange for their email address. A common way to grow your email list is by offering either a discount or free or reduced shipping fee, once they sign up for your newsletter.


3.  Cart Abandonment Emails

You’re losing money every time a visitors browse through your website, add items to their cart, and then abandon it for one reason or another. They may have just got distracted and walked away from their computer before they could make the purchase.


You can bring these consumers back to complete the purchase with a cart abandonment email. This abandonment email will remind them they have items in their cart and invite them to check out. You can persuade them with a discount or free shipping to move forward with their purchase. With a good marketing automation platform, you can send engaging emails to customers and win-back sales.


4.  Personalize Your Customer Email

Email marketing is excellent when it comes to creating a unique and better experience for your customer. According to an email marketing company, Campaign Monitor, personalized emails with details of your customers have a 26% more chance to be opened and read when compared to emails that have a non-personalized subject line.


This means that you need to immediately start improving your emails to reflect each subscriber’s behaviors and interests or risk falling behind the competition. Therefore, if you have your customer first name, it makes sense to use it in the subject line of the email sent to the customer as well as in the body of the text.


5.  Send Follow-up Emails

For many businesses, the customer experience typically ends once they finally got their hands on a customer’s money, which is a terrible mistake for customer retention. Don’t forget your customers as soon as they make a purchase. Emailing them to ask what they feel about their last order can lead to additional sales.


The more attention you pay to them after they’ve bought something, the more likely they are to become a fiercely loyal brand ambassador who will not only turn into repeated customers but will also go and tell their friends and family about how great you are. It's recommended you have useful follow-up email templates in place for customers. When a customer buys from you, send them a follow-up email using tools like email template builder with incentives to buy from you again.


6. Reward Customers for Referring Your Business

Consider offering a referral bonus for subscribers who encourage friends to your website if you want to drive massive email signups and huge sales. Referred customers are more likely to buy something from your business because someone they trust has recommended you than visitors coming from a general keyword-targeted AdWords link.


So, it would be best if you can do everything in your power to leverage your present customer network to attract new customers. To run a campaign like this on your own, you can use email autoresponder encouraging users to get a friend to sign up; through this; you can increase the ROI of your business without any massive changes.


7. Reward Loyal Subscribers

No business would strive without loyal customers. That’s why it's always important to foster relationships with your customers to keep them coming back to your store. When loyal shoppers receive rewards from you, they’re more likely to buy again from your online store instead of competing stores.


To reward your loyal subscriber, create a loyalty program and promo season and invite customers on your email lists. Offer early access to sales, exclusive product discounts, and more. That way, you can further develop good relationships and drive them back to your store.


In Conclusion

Email marketing is an effective way for businesses to increase sales significantly. If you don’t take advantage of email marketing strategies, you’re going to be leaving a lot of money on the table. To get started, you need to know the best approach to drive sales and put it into practice to encourage your customers to buy.


By taking advantage of these seven email marketing tips we've listed above, you’ll grow your marketing research, improve visibility, increase sales and ensure your email lands in the inbox. Remember, your email marketing campaigns will only be profitable if you take care of the details, which make up the big picture.


In no time, you’ll begin to see a high return on your email marketing campaign, which, in turn, helps boost your bottom line and drive sales.


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