8 Business Travel Tips

1. Keep essentials packed at all times.

If you travel often, you can avoid forgetting crucial items like charging cables and toiletries by keeping a set in your travel bag at all times. This will make the last minute packing a breeze. These essentials may need some replenishment every couple of trips.

2. Carry disposable items.

Bring worn out socks and clothes that can be discarded before you return home. By doing this, you can create additional space in your bag for a souvenir and clean out the junk from your closet back home at the same time.

3. Ensure you pack leisure clothes.

It is easy to overlook packing a pair of comfortable shoes and jeans when going on a business trip. Make sure you pack some clothes to wear while going sightseeing or just to hang out in the evening. You wouldn't want to do these things dressed up in a full suit or dress.

4. Nothing is wrong or right when it comes to packing a travel bag

Some think rolling is better than folding while others think folding is better. We believe that a combination of these two techniques is the way to go if you want to pack a lot of clothes in a small bag. Fold the clothes until you run out of space and then roll them up and stuff them in the corners to make the most of the space.

5. Avoid checking in bags.

If you are travelling by air, just take a carry-on size bag instead of carrying a large bag that you may need to check-in. Doing this can save you both time and money as you will be able to get away with the carry-on allowance on the airlines and you will not be wasting time for the conveyor belt to deliver your bags. Even the occasional loss of baggage can be avoided by keeping your luggage with you at all times.

6. Carry a "Checkpoint Friendly" bag.

With checkpoint friendly bags, you can save a lot of time by leaving electronics in a case while it goes through security. With these bags, you don't need to constantly unpack and pack your luggage to get through checkpoints. These bags can be purchased online.

7. Sign up for frequent traveller programs.

By registering for pre-check programs like Global Entry, you can save a lot of time travelling on international airlines. Global Entry is a program that permits pre-approved travelers to bypass traditional security checks. The Customs and Border Protection of the United States of America issue this. By saving half an hour from every checkpoint, you will end up saving a lot of time over a period.

8. Be aware of cellular service rates.

Always pay close attention to the cellular service plans when you are travelling, especially if you are going out of the country. Service providers charge higher rates if you are using their services from different locations. Also, carry a mobile hotspot if you require remote Internet access throughout the trip.

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