8 Reasons to Work at a Startup

The job market is super competitive. Therefore when people get the rare opportunity to make a choice between two employment options, they take absolute care to ensure they are making the right decision.  The dilemma is easy in some cases but in other times, not so much. One of such dilemmas is when you have to choose between working for a multinational business with dozens of offices worldwide or working with a startup that has a huge potential. On the surface, many people will quickly go with the first but anyone that knows the 8 reasons we have covered below will think long and hard!

What are these 8 reasons why you should work at a startup?

1.  Startups ensure more responsibility

Working in a startup means you are a part of a small team. This often translates into being the only one with your skill sets so you will be able to approach and solve problems on your own. This ensures continuous improvement of your skills.

2.  Startups offer more opportunities

While your startup job won’t pay as much as the position in a multinational company, it offers a platform that guarantees more opportunities. For example as a writer in a multinational company, you may be part of a group of a dozen writers working under the company. Big writing openings that will go on massive platforms will therefore be given to your seniors. In a startup, you will be saddled with the responsibility of doing all levels of writing including a small piece for an online magazine and a 2,000 word piece for Forbes! Similarly, working at startup means you can be working directly with the CEO and chat over a meal about projects. The opportunities to build your portfolio are endless. 

3.  Startups offer diversification

Working at a startup in most cases will make you highly valuable to any business over time. This is because it is highly unlikely that you will be working on one position as is obtainable in multinational roles. Instead of being just a writer for instance, you may have to put on a marketing hat from time to time, talk to the developers about possible ways to improve the company website for instance, take part in media editing etc. This is far more interesting than the monotonous work life offered at most big companies.

4. Startups allow you to learn from entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are individuals that have been able to see a problem and found innovative ways to address it.  They are some of the best people you can learn from and therefore working for a startup allows you to come real close to them and tap into their wealth of knowledge.

5. Startups ensure recognition

Working for a big company often means your hard work will either not be noticed by the owner or someone else will take credit in those board meetings where employees are left out. At a startup on the other hand, it is virtually impossible for you not to get any credit due to you. The small team will always commend any successes.

6. Startups offer a laid back work environment

Working in a startup is hard work but the environment is often very conducive.  It is rare to find startups fixating on appearance, dressing, etc. The focus is solely on producing results so it doesn’t matter if you are doing so in your denim or with bushy beards. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve got a bag of chips on your desk while working.

Excitement is always high as most startup workers love their job. This is why they exhibit all or some of the signs covered in this video released by AXA Business Insurance about how people react when they completely love their business.

7.  Startups Embrace Modern Technology

Start-up companies will be using modern technology to streamline and build a smarter business. A great example is the use of a modern merchant account for credit card processing to make taking payment easy for store fronts taking cards at the retail or POS locations and for virtual shops taking easy payments online or over the phone.

8. Startups teach self-sustainability and hard work

At a startup, you will learn how tenacity, creative thinking and hard work are vital to success as you and the team are solely responsible for any successes recorded. This will lead to the creation of a better individual regardless of what roles you take on within the business.

These reasons are why people no longer ignore startup positions.


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